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Free Stuff #1Have you experience these…?

You’ve read books about motivation but you’re still not motivated.

You’ve attended seminars teaching you how to create wealth but you did not
become wealthy after that.

You’ve gone through courses to guide you how to use Law of Attraction but
you still haven’t attract anything you want yet.

If you’ve experienced these or similar cases, then you have to watch this free video called “What You Don’t Know You’re Missing”

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In the video, Patric also reveals the most important factor that you need to achieve success. Most people forget about it and that is why they are still not anywhere close to their goals.

Important notice: Make sure you download all 3 great ebooks below the video.


Free Stuff #2

Last July, Bob Doyle launched his first Boundless Living Challenge, where participants were invited to commit 45 days of their lives to realizing their greatest passions!

Nearly 4000 people participated, and in that 45 days, miraculous things occurred, and people all over the world realized dreams that many had thought impossible – because all previous attempts to realize those dreams had seemingly failed.

The Boundless Living Challenge, which costs nothing to join, provides participants with the tools, resources, education, and incomparable support they need to achieve amazing things, even if they’ve tried numerous times before without success.

Bob just let me know next Boundless Living Challenge begins April 16th, (already started but still not too late) and he wants to invite you to be a part of it!

To launch this event, Bob had a special radio program on BlogTalk Radio about a week ago. (I have just finished listen to it on my favorite armchair)

On the replay of the call you’ll hear many of the participants of earlier challenges to get an idea of just what’s possible. I know 45 days doesn’t sound like a lot – which makes the results you’ll hear about even more spectacular.

You’ll also learn exactly how the challenge works, what you’ll be offered – again, at no charge – and how to make the most of your 45 days.

Here’s where you can sign up for the challenge and learn how to listen to the replay of the special radio program (for free)

Bob wants me to stress to you that this challenge is all about putting the Law of Attraction three to tango dvd into ACTION, as opposed to simply “learning” about it.

The results are so phenomenal amongst participants because they are all in action, supported by thousands of other people who are also moving toward their own dreams!

It’s truly an extraordinary thing, as you’ll learn about soon.

I urge you to act now!

P.S. Sign up for the challenge now

download full of it online



Free Stuff #3

I have received a lot of emails thanking me for sharing the no-nonsense “Special Wealth Report” which consist of lots of pictures and less text but makes a lot of sense to me.

You can absorb the whole report into your brain in less than 10 minutes and understand it all because it’s so simple to understand that there is so much knowledge in it.

If you haven’t grab yours, download the Special Wealth Report here

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and spend 10 minutes of your life with it. I’m sure it will change your perspective.

That’s it! I hope you enjoy and benefit from these resources. :)

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    • liz


      I just watched the video on (Free Stuff # 1) and I strongly agree that Total Immersion is the best way to start a new project, overcome inertia, launch a new site or learn a new language. I’ll check the rest of the freebies next. Thanks for sharing!

    • raymond

      Hi Liz,

      I agree on that too. :)

    • Ulysses

      I did love watching the video of What You Don’t Know You’re Missing” because it is really motivating and inspiring at the same time. I love the part when he discuss about “knowing how to success” and “achieving success”. I totally agree with what Patric said.

    • raymond

      Hi Ulysses,

      Yeah, that’s very interesting. I have watched the second video. Have you?

    • Rose@Legal Articles

      I watched the video and I agree to everything it said. In order to get something that you really want, you have to focus all your attention and all your energy to get it. Never get distracted. I always try to be one-track-minded whenever I’m aiming for anything–and it always works for me. And, yeah, I try avoiding losers because listening to their whines just makes me feel depressed.

    • raymond

      Hi Rose,

      I like this one because I’m doing the same thing too. :)

      “avoiding losers because listening to their whines just makes me feel depressed.”

    • Liara Covert

      Hi Raymond, the catchy words and variety of offers encourage readers to realize opportunities are always knocking. Thanks for sharing all this positive energy.

    • raymond

      Hi Liara,

      Good to see you here.

      You’re welcome. :)

    • Property Investors

      All are really nice stuff to know. I am completely agree with fist one that no one motivate by reading a book!

      • raymond

        Hi Andrew,

        Hope you enjoy it. :)

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