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When I teach people how to use the Law of Attraction to enhance their lives, one of the questions that haunt them is,

“How I can stay positive all the time? It’s hard.”

Have you asked the same question before? You know, after all the motivational books that you have read, after all the seminars that you have attended, after all the audios that you have listened, you still find yourself NOT sex and death 101 dvdrip download living in the life you want.

IF you have the same problem stated above, then this article is written specially for you.

The first thing you can do is to surround yourself with positive minded people and try not to mix with the negative minded people.

If you are unable to getaway from the negative people, who happen to be your family, relatives, colleagues or old friends, then try to spend less time with them. (at least that’s what I do)

What if all the people around me are negatives?

That’s a frequently asked question too. Here’s one great place where you can choose the type of people you want to mix with. It’s called “Internet”.

Go to Google

and type in “Law of Attraction blogs“, “Personal development blogs“, “Motivation blogs

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“ and other possible keyword you can think of. Alternatively, you can try the same thing for forum too.

The blog you are reading now is a great place for you to get your motivation everyday. Participating in the conversation such as posting comments, reading other people’s comments or replying to other people’s comment will be a great way to put yourself into the positive community.

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The second way is to change your self limiting believe. If you think that being positive is hard, guess what? It will never be easy for you. Why? That’s because the Law of Attraction is working all the time whether you know it or not.

So you may want to change the word hard to easy. Thinking it as easy is not enough, you must also feel it. Feel that staying positive is easy. Believe it! Once your body and mind is moving together, you’ll attract it!

If you have anything to add regarding to today’s post or of you have any further question, please do not hesitate to ask? I’ll see your over the comment section.

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    • Rose

      Hi Raymond,
      Yes, you’re right, the internet the best place. For negatives situation you just have to find way to avoid it. At time people might misunderstood you, but anyway you always have a choice. Thanks again for this post.

    • raymond

      Hi Rose,

      Misunderstanding does happen very frequently especially when we are not able to hear the tone or the voice and expression of the other people.

      However, on the bright side, it provides the space of improvement for us to improve our communication skills. :)

      It’s just about perspective.

      And yes, we always have a choice. I always know that I have a choice to participate in a conversation or not.

    • Rose

      Hi Raymond,
      Did my eye trick me? I thought I saw this article before it disappeared now it reappear again. I even searched under LOA the many Categories posted when I lost it. Thanks for your comments that what I want to know.
      Yeah, you’re right, though “we are not able to hear the tone or the voice and expression of the other people” we still able to improve our communication skill and not forgetting it help me improve my English. My is just a simple English written the most important I get my message across. Hey, it not easy writing in English to an expert but I keep on learning. I love reading comments from readers it help, in the end we are actually helping each other. Hey, I’ve yet to comments yesterday post, got a stomachache, now much better. For me at time I didn’t respond coz I’ve running of ideas or it just didn’t flow. I’ve to think to make more connection esp the challenging one. Especialy dealing with students nowadays they are very reflective. Meaning that they like to questions you, in return I got knowledge from them about Physic and more that got to do with LOA, interesting indeed. Okay, sorry for this long post. Thanks again for sharing with us the many post written.

    • raymond

      Hi Rose,

      Thanks for your comment. It was a technical problem. ;)

      It’s good that students love to ask questions. It indicates that they are learning.

    • Living Rooms

      I do so agree that surrounding yourself with positivity, especiallly positive minded people is extremely beneficial. Both positivity as well as negetivity are infectious

    • raymond

      Hi Living Rooms,

      Yeah, both good and bad energy spread like virus.

    • Benjamin

      Yes! Check in :)

      Getting easier every day, and Raymond my man you surly know how to shift my focus, which is exactly why I visit you blog. For the postive input!

      The internet is a fantastic tool, and used right it can help you broaden your horizant and give you many rewards and frinds.

      It however also has a darker side, like everyting and I for one have lately spent waaaaaaay to much time on the internet palying silly games. But the awarness is the, and so is the will to change ;)

      Have a nice day everyone!

      With my warmest regards,

      Day 9 – 30 Challenge

    • raymond

      Hi Benjamin,

      I appreciate your undivided support to my blog and I’m glad to hear what you say.

      Everything has both positive and negative side. It depends on where we choose to stand. :)

    • Dining Room Tables

      I tried to post this comment yesterday and was unable to. Perhaps your server was overloaded. If you live a life truly following the law of attraction, you simply cannot have people with negative vibes around you. Either they will change or leave your environment. This has been my experience. Not to say that some new ones will not come into my life, but their presence will only be for a short while. They will get either influenced by you or depart.

    • raymond

      Hi Dining Room Tables,

      That’s what happens in my life too.

      But for some “newbie”, they may need time to distract those negative people. :)

      P.S. I’m sorry for the difficulties that you faced yesterday. I didn’t know about the problem. Perhaps the server is down.

    • TripTheLady

      nice article! i hate my life and you give me hope i can make mine better. it’s not going to happen unless I make it so ;) thanks!

    • raymond

      Hi TripTheLady,

      I’m so glad to hear that. Take action today and you’ll see the result later. :)

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