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I have NO ideas!

August 7, 2007 | 3 Comments

Question: What do you call a deer with no eye?

Answer: No Idea (No eye deer)

Ok, that was a joke. I hope that make you laugh because a good positive emotion is extremely important in the process of applying the Law of Attraction. I"m sorry if it didn"t cheer you up. I"m not a good joker, you see.


An idea (Greek: á¼°

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δέα) is an image, also concept or abstraction formed and existing in the mind. Human capability to contemplate ideas is associated with the ability of reasoning, self-reflection, and the ability to acquire and apply intellect. Further, ideas give rise to actual concepts, or mind generalisations, which are the basis for any kind of knowledge whether science or philosophy.  Source: Wikipedia

Idea plays an important part in our lives. We need ideas everyday to write articles, write books, make more money, enjoy our lives, make things better … etc.

However, sometimes, we don"t know how to get good ideas. Don"t worry as I will share some solutions with you in a moment.

I often hear people say:

“I can"t think of good ideas for my article.”

“I have no idea how to make more money.”

“I have dried of ideas for my new projects.”

“I really have no idea how to teach my kids.”

Negative keywords: can"t, no, dried

Well, the Law of Attraction religulous movie says, you attract what you think. Whatever you are thinking, you are attracting it into your life. Can you sense the negativity of the examples above? The “can"t the lookout movie ”, “no buddy divx movie online ” and “dried” are self-limiting words.

When you say no, can"t or dried, you are actually closing the door in your minds and thus prevent the ideas from coming in.

Robert Kiyosaki said in one of his books (I can"t remember which book as I have a collection of them):

Rich people don"t say, “I can"t afford it”. “I can"t afford it” is the language of poor people. Rich people would rather say, “How can I afford it?”

According to Robert Kiyosaki, when we say “I can"t afford it”, we close our minds to the world of possibilities BUT, if we ask, “How can I afford it?” our mind will begin to search for answers and that"s is how ‘making money ideas’ start to pour in.

I try not to make this article too long. So I"ll continue the solution to this idea generating problem, tomorrow. So, Stay Tune!

Oh, I would love it if you can share your thoughts in the comment column.

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