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I KnowYour Secret

May 15, 2008 | 4 Comments

I hope that you love the monkey experiment that I shared with you yesterday.

That experiment made me ponder for quite a while.

It makes me think that the universe is filled with all the information in the world in the form of waves, propagating around us. It is like the Google search engine download shadowboxer dvd midnight clear download but very much larger than that.

Every secret is retrievable. You can’t hide what you know and at the same time and you can access to any information that you want.

Does that sound interesting or scary to you?

You can exchange information with other body if you can think at the same frequency with the particular body.

In the experiment stated yesterday, the monkey from the different tribe can communicate with each other through some form of intuitive sharing because they were thinking at the same level of vibration, which is to solve their “hunger problem”.

So, when one monkey in a tribe got the solution, some other monkeys from other tribes will learn the same thing too. They may have received the idea in form of hunches and that’s how the information spread.

That means, if you have a secret and somebody else are thinking at the same level of vibration as the vibration of your secret, then chances are that person will know your secret too (probably in the form of hunches). In another words, they will attract your secret to them.

They just have to get into your level of vibration and believe in their hunch.

I have some success in this but the result is not consistent yet which means sometimes I get it, sometimes I don’t.

Have you heard of the saying, “If you want to be successful in business, you must understand your customers”? In another words, put yourself in your customers’ shoes.

That way, you will develop the same thinking patterns and vibration as your customers do. Slowly, if you do it consistently, you will get some ideas of what they really want and that will make you stands out from your competitors.

“Your success is determined by the quality of the question that you ask” – Tony Robbins bullet boy movie download

By asking questions, you are actually put out the wish for the answers to the universe. And, when you keep on putting that kind of frequency of vibration (consistently), you will attract the solution to you just like what the monkeys in the other islands learn to wash the sweet potatoes.

If the monkeys know how to use the Law of Attraction, why not you? What do you think? There is so much to talk about on this subject but I prefer to share the role with you. Let’s discuss about it!

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    • Land Projects UK

      If monkeys learn how to use Law of Attraction, how much more human beings? :)

    • raymond

      Thanks for the comment, Land Project UK. :)

    • Top Rated

      I agree. The biggest successes I’ve had with my business have occurred, when I stop thinking about my own needs and focus on the customers. Easier said then done sometimes. At least for me.

    • raymond

      You’ve got it! :)

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