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I was driving to the other town which is about 130km away from my house. Like most of the people, I don"t need to stay conscious all the time especially when it is a long straight road and I am sure that I"m familiar with it. (Imagine if I have to stay conscious and focus all the time for nearly 2 hours. That"ll be very tiring)

So, as I was driving, I feel relax and the frequency of my brainwave dropped to the Alpha state steel trap dvdrip download . My mind began to wander around. As far as I can remember, I was wandering about the mind power free are we done yet movie download subject and the hypnosis that I did to myself lately.

I was aware that I wanted to take the second exit out of the highway from where I was. However, I took the first exit unconsciously. Obviously, I have taken the wrong path and I didn"t realize it until several kilometers later. The road leads me back to my house instead of to the town of my destination.

What"s wrong with me?

I was curious. I saw the signboard before I turned. I knew that that"s the wrong exit, but I still turn my car to the wrong exit.

When I flashed back, I realized that there was an inner voice that urged me to turn and I just followed it unconsciously.

Suddenly, it makes me think of the mind surge report I read last month. I believe that the inner voice was keeping me from some danger that might happen if I didn"t take the wrong exit such as accident (Okay, don"t attract it! I always feel grateful for every safe journey I have had)

Perhaps the hypnosis that I did to myself for the past few days works. My sub-conscious mind is keeping me safe.

But What It has To Do With The Law of Attraction?

It has a lot to do with the Law of Attraction. I feel grateful because I believe that the “mistake” or the inner voice has saved my life.

Yes, it did waste my time, money, gas and make me late for my appointment but if we think back, my life is worth much more. So, I think it"s a fair exchange.

Furthermore, feeling happy and grateful is a positive emotion. Why want to feel the stress, anxiety and anger?

What if I am wrong about the inner voice?

Ans: At least it makes me feel very much better that way and focusing on all the good things instead of the otherwise. When I feel good emotionally and believe it, I"ll attract more good events into my life. It isn"t that hard, is it?

Why it still happened if you didn"t attract that?

Well that"s a good question. There are a lot of things that happen by default. It is not a good or a bad thing. It is just neutral.

It is our perspective that makes it good or bad.

We don"t attract oxygen and yet we get it every second. That"s what I mean by “default”.

Think about it.

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This incident also reminds me of one of the post written by Dr. Joe Vitale few days ago. Click here to read it download crow wicked prayer the movie .

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    • Rose

      Hi Raymond,
      It is the intuition that has being guiding you or your partner. When you in Alpha state the c and sbc are communicating but in their language but not in words. Am I right? Thanks.

    • raymond

      Hi Rose,

      You are right again about the c and the sbc :)

      By the way,

      What do you mean by my partner :?:

    • Rose

      Hi Raymond,
      Okay, it means think of intuition as a partner – someone who only wants to help you and guide you along the way – so that no harm comes to you. The only problem with this partner is that it doesn’t speak the same language as you. Got it, am I right?

    • raymond

      Hi Rose,

      I learn some new things from you today. :)

      I never knew that our intuition can be called as partner. That’s a wonderful term. ;)

    • law of attraction fellow

      I’ve learned to always trust in my intuitive feelings , they are never wrong.

    • raymond

      Hi Degnermd,

      That’s a gift from above. Sadly, most people neglect it.

      Thanks for coming. :)

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