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I Will Always Love You

December 2, 2007 | 14 Comments

Do you still remember Connie, the 6 years old sweet and lovely singer who made herself to the final of Britain Got Talent (BGT)?

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Tell you what. Here"s another video from her singing “I Will Always Love You” another heart warming and soul melting lovely song.

I hope this song will enhance the feeling of love within you. Always remember, when you feel the love, you will attract more love into your life (If you are in the alpha state celestine prophecy the divx download ). That"s the Law of Attraction

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. Like attracts like


Let"s take a deep breathe and hit the play button:

Hey, come on. Tell me how is it? Share your thoughts and feelings with me. I"ll see you in the comment box.

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    • Rose

      Hi Raymond,
      Thank you so much for sharing, the follow up she will always be on my mind and I will always love her and for the many years to come. You know what I always love listening her sweet voice song title “Ben” org singer MJ. Wow! she really fantastic and so are this latest song mind you it’s not easy to sing this song. Anyway I try sing along with her except that I got a long way to go. He..he..:)
      Hey, I agree with the above like attract like when you feel love everything is great it is not meant for lover only. You love you family, relatives, friends, neighbour, teachers, etc in terms of helping each others when they down and trouble. But if we don’t understand of how to deal with it, it can turn out to be “love the misunderstood affection”. Hey, sorry for this long comments it just that I have not been giving comments for sometime. Yeah, I’ve been busy lately.
      By the way thanks for sharing all posts, will comment more before I go, do we really need tools to bring ourselves to Alpha state though I could admit that I’m yet to be a good visualizer but still learning.:) Will share what I mean in future post. Thanks again I’m now a fan of her and will always love her. Thank you so much.

    • raymond

      Hi Rose,

      If we grow up together with nature and naturally without all these influences from schools, TVs, Radios, advices … etc, we are able to get in Alpha state so quickly and naturally.

      It is part of human nature. But, as we grow in today’s world, we tend to lose these natural mind power.

      I am one of billions who gets all the influences. Maybe that’s the reason why I need the tool very much.

      Otherwise, it will be a painful experience to learn this skill. :)

    • shueqry

      Hi Raymond,

      Thanks for the song, again, i fell the love energy driven by a love song (just like in Stand By Me – Shayne Ward) touched by the soft, beutiful melody..

      I like it! thank you :)


    • raymond

      Hey Shueqry,

      Nice to see you here again.

      This is indeed a warm video for me. I feel the love too when I watch it. :)

      Thank you for dropping by.

    • Matt

      I love watching that show and this little girl blew me away when I first saw it…always great to see something as raw and talented as this little girl

    • Paul Easton

      Touched my heart too mate……

      Best Regards
      Paul Easton

    • raymond

      Hi Matt,

      She is like a raw talented diamond.

      I love to see her and she makes me feels good. :)

    • raymond

      Hi Paul,

      Great to see you here.

      Her voice is really touching.

      Do you need kleenex? :P

    • zaki blogjer

      Dang!! her voice is awesome!! And the video clip is nice too, gotta listen it again.

    • raymond

      Hi Zaki,

      I’m glad that you like it. :)

      That’s the best part about the web 2.0. We all share great stuffs and they are all free. ;)

    • Brian

      This is really great, Raymond. I’m going to bookmark it all over-your vortex bud, Brian

    • raymond

      Hi Brian,

      Thank you for bookmarking it. I really appreciate that. :)

      Thank you for your comment and come again!

    • Ayopeju Falekulo

      She is so young yet very talented, and you are right Love does attract love. Thanks for sharing this. Will not forget.

    • raymond

      Hi Ayopeju,

      Her voice literally hypnotize me. :)

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