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This is not a new phrase to me but I heard it again in the Anthony Robbins Seminar lost samaritan the divx download download little kidnappers the movie download goodbye bafana free I have attended last month.

Metaphorically speaking, it simply means that if you really really want to conquer an island, you"ll need to burn your own ships and boats first.


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You may ask. One of the reasons is you want to leave yourself no option to retreat.

According to Anthony Robbins in one of his books, Awaken the giant within, human being are only driven by one force. Pain and Pleasure.

As a human, we have the tendency to move away from pain and rush towards pleasure. This is the force that drives people to be kind, polite, nasty, bad, good, and so on.

All right, back to the story of conquering an island. brotherhood of blood dvdrip download

If you do not burn the ships and the boats, when the situation is critical and not promising, some of the soldiers may choose to retreat because it gives them pleasure rather than keep on fighting, which they associate it with pain. This will reduce the fighting spirit in the soldiers.

Burn the ships!

However, when the general gives the order to burn the ships and boats, he reprograms the mindset of his soldiers. He changes the association of their minds.

This means, they have no option to retreat. It is either they fight or die. Now, the soldiers may have to associates fighting and victory with pleasure and death with pain.

Can you see the magic here?

The concept of pain and pleasure remain unchanged. What changes is the environment. This means we can easily change the state of our thinking by changing the way we associate pain and pleasure.

Most people oversee the power that lies within the concept of pain and pleasure because it"s just too simple. It doesn"t take a genius to understand it. It is not rocket science.

I have personally applied this rule in vast area of my life and the result is simply amazing!

What if I tell you that this is just a nail in a toolbox? If you"re really hungry for more, I would strongly recommend you to attend

Anthony Robbins Seminar in Los Angeles.

This is a life changing event you don"t want to miss. I"ll share more about the concept of pain and pleasure with you tomorrow.

Speak soon.

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    • James – Visualized.Feel.Abundance

      Hey Raymond,

      What you stated here is extreme and by that I mean extremely effective. :P

      I known of a friend or 2 who was going nowhere with their part-time business and one day they just decide to quit their full time job. From that day onwards, their part-time business soared. Enough Said :)


    • raymond

      Hi James,

      Thank you for sharing the example. I have been burned my boat too few years back. The result is amazing and it made me what I am today. :)

      Not everybody is willing to burn their boat but that’s the sacrifice we have to make in order to achieve success. Get out of the comfort zone :)

    • Marta

      Hi Raymond,

      It’s really a valid point, either we grow or we die. That’s what Tony said as well, so in order to grow, we need to train our muscle, muscle grow by demand, and get out from our comfort zone which mean burn the ship so you have no choice to pull out, and just move forward coz that’s the only option available.


      Marta ;)

    • Rose

      Hi Raymond,
      It’s always burn the midnight oil for those going for the final battle meaning the exam for most students.
      But now it’s even greater burn the ship it leave us no choice but charge forward, again we being driven by emotion when come to state of mind. Remember one time I used to say about how the body mind reacted with the emotion acted as the bridge. So this is one of the many and so they were right in their findings. Of course I can’t elaborate as it concern the biology factors and will end up as a long passages. Once again thanks for this post.

    • raymond

      Hi Marta,

      Thank you for dropping by. :)

      Moving out from our comfort zone is necessary if we want success.

    • raymond

      Hi Rose,

      Burning our own boat will trigger an unbelievably strong emotion that force us towards success. :)

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