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If I Need Something, I'll Invent It
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Hey, I hope you enjoy the previous articles on my Mirror Theory and Why you don’t always get what you give vampire in brooklyn movie download .

Today, in this article, I’m going to share how you can use this simple law to literally create your future.

When those annoying people come into your life, what do you do?

Probably you’ll curse them or gossip about them, right? (I did that) :)

Look. When you focus your attention on how bad they are, you are actually applying the Law of Attraction to attract bad things into your life.

If we analyze the situation, if you do that, you are not only not solving the problem but worse, you create more problems for you some time in the future.

I know how hard it is to make yourself feel good when someone comes to annoy you.

We meet different kind of people throughout our lives including those who are kind, selfish, bad temper, loving, grateful, ungrateful, betray you, gossip about you, like to compliment on you and so on.

There’s a way to attract more of those you like and distract those you dislike.

The answer is very simple. Just simply be the person you love!

As I’ve said, the people around you is the reflection of your own self. So, whatever you want the reflection to be, you gotta start with YOU! Not them!

Let’s say you are standing in front of a mirror now and what you are looking at is the image or the reflection of yourself. If you want the person (image) in front of you to raise the eyebrows, you gotta raise your own eyebrows first, then only you can see it in the reflection.

You can’t expect the image to raise the eyebrows or hands without you taking any action. Make sense?

So, if you want to attract a loving, understanding, caring, beautiful and kind partner or friends into your life, you must first have all those qualities.

By being understanding, caring, beautiful and kind, you’ll attract this kind of people into your life.

I have to admit that there would still be some negative people come into your life and mess things up along the way and that a good news!

Am I crazy? No!

That’s the residue of the negativities that you have done in the past. It’s your previous attraction and you should be happy about it because it has finally come and it’s time to get over it. Say to yourself, “This too shall pass. I’m creating a more beautiful tomorrow now.”

When I say be the person you love, it includes the words that you say, the action you take and the thought you think. It’s about vibration, remember?

If you do something good with a bad intention, you’re actually put out a vibration of bad intention to the universe and that’s what you’ll get.

Bad intention from someone else!

I have watched so many girls trying very hard to attract a significant others who’ll love them with all his heart when what she’s after is only the guy’s money and property.

The same goes to males who want to attract girls who love him with all her heart but what he’s after is only the external beauty in the girl.

The question is, how does the person gets unconditional love from his/her significant other if s/he doesn’t give it first?

There’s nothing wrong with whatever you want. Just remember to BE the person you want to attract.

If you approach people to share your kindness, knowledge and love, trust me that you’ll attract the same kind of people to you.

Sometimes you may say that you never or seldom say anything bad about others and why people still gossip a lot about you.

Well, I can’t give you the exact answer because I do not have any access to your previous thought and action.

Probably it’s because you think something bad about others such as the latest scandal of some celebrities.

Again, it’s about the vibration you put out. Not limited to the words you speak.

I always want people to share or recommend great stuffs to me. I don’t mind even I have to pay for it. As long as it worth it and it’s useful to me, I’ll buy and thank the person who recommends it to me.

In fact, when I check the emails from the people I trust, I usually check the links first, then only I read the email.

Therefore, I start by recommending great stuffs to people around me including my friends, family, readers and subscribers.

Sometimes I earn commission from it, sometimes I don’t. Either way, I feel happy.

I never recommend bad products or bad deals to others because I don’t want to get it in return.

I want commission when I recommend great stuffs to people. So what I do first is to give commission to those who are referring business to me. It is that simple!

Now, you already have the key to create your future in your hand. The next step is to identify what kind of person you love and be that person.

They key will do you no good if you do not identify the right keyhole and take the action to twist it.

Deep in my heart, I truly hope that this series of article can and will help you to create and invent your better future.

I’m ready to watch the comments and emails flowing in telling me how much you enjoy this articles and how it changes your life.

Before I end this article, I’d like to recommend you to watch this video

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simply because I want to be treated that way too. I want people to tell me about it when they have great stuffs in hand. I GIVE FIRST!

The Law of Attraction rocks!

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    • Dekoracja Okien

      Seriously, complaining about others all the time is only a problem for you. You\’re just making yourself miserable.

      • raymond

        Hi Dekoracja,

        That’s true. It’s like committing mental suicide.

    • Florida Web Design

      think the future invention is great because I can change the unwanted events I have in the past.

      • raymond

        Hi Florida Web Design,

        Creating the future is the combination of both art and science. :)

    • Med Assistant

      This is really outstanding advice. It took me a long time to realize that when you spend your energy on negativity — gossiping about people, being angry with someone, etc — you do nothing but hurt yourself. Rather than focusing your energy on that sort of thing, it’s so much healthier and productive to let the bad stuff go and spend that time and energy helping yourself and those you love.

      • raymond

        Hi Mad assistant,

        That’s so true. Once you get it and do it, your life will be so much better. Awesome!!

    • Hypnosis Florida

      Yes, i read your all articles and all are good. This article is also good and helps to choose good person. Thanks.

      • raymond

        Hi Hypnosis Florida,

        You’re welcome. :)

    • Med Assistant

      Hi Raymond,

      I hope you are doing well. Just a quick note, I’m not sure if it is your website or my browser, but for some reason on the home page the banner with the link that goes to the secret video shows up as :”# "The Secret" video” Take care.

      • raymond

        Hi Med Assistant,

        I see that too but have no idea on how to fix it as I’m not a techie guy.

        I’ll find ways to fix it. :)

        Thanks for the alert.

    • Cash Back

      Good advice Raymond. I agree that you should avoid negativity and concentrate on the positives. What do you do if someone around you is too negative though? I try to be positive around that person but it isn\’t rubbing off.

      • raymond

        Hi Cash Back,

        I always believe that it is much easier to change ourselves than to change others.

        If I were you, I’ll stay away from the person whenever possible.

    • Fia

      Like attracts like. This is perhaps the reason why my set of friends are more or less like myself. We share the same interests and point of views most of the times. And, I tend to repel people who differ in values, interests, etc. I have many negative actions in the past, too. But I try not to think about them too much. Otherwise, I’ll go crazy. Instead, I just focus on the positive vibes and hope for the best. =D

      • raymond

        Yeah. we usually resonate with people who are like ourselves. :)

    • Rick

      great these are really a piece of suggestions worth noticing pondering and implementing in real life.. i like this post very much that i promise to try out these traits in my life :)

      • raymond

        Hi Rick,

        Good to hear that. All the best to you. :)

    • imergent123

      Really great and informative post i have ever seen.I admire the time and effort you put into your blog. I wish I had the same drive :)Thanks for an insightful post. These tips are really helpful. Again thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.

    • PSP Go

      I guess it was true when they said: “Smile and the whole world smiles with you.”

      • raymond

        Yes, this can be proved easily. :)

    • Property Investors

      I don’t see my future or predict it as i am not a predictor but i think that’s good to do some exercise to invent something for our future.

    • Colocation

      Great post. YOu will always run into types of people that will try to bring you down, but you are right you need to be kind caring and beautiful and try to bring that to all around you.

    • Wow Bohol Tours

      I really enjoyed this article. Makes me want to change my life for the better.

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