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Is getting rich a science too?

According to, science is defined as

“systematic knowledge of the physical or material world gained through observation and experimentation.”


The key here is systematic knowledge, which means if you follow the exact step of the experiment, you’ll get the exact same result.


For example, if you plant a healthy seed in the right environment (i.e. humidity, temperature, atmosphere and soil), it grows automatically whether you like it or not. There’s a series of complicated process that happens in the seed automatically when this environment is met. Don’t you agree?


Another example is cooking. I may not know how to cook. However, if I follow the exact steps and procedures, using the right amount and types of ingredient, cook them in the same temperature and duration as experts do, I’ll get the same results, right?


That’s science, if I put in the same ingredient, by following the same steps, in the same environment, the same chemical reaction occurs and produce the same product.


Here’s the interesting part.


What if getting rich is a science too, just like cooking and planting where the success is guaranteed? YES! I mean what if there’s a specific way or steps to follow to the road to riches? Wouldn’t that be interesting?


I’m not talking about a bunch of theories here. I’m talking about real life results, my real life results. The Science of Getting Rich that I’m talking here is not only responsible for my success but the success for many of my successful friends too.


They are using the exact same strategies, steps and ingredients.


Bob Proctor said that it is a powerful formula to achieve my financial goals with mathematical precision.




Besides financial goals, it works on other areas of my life too. YES! Including my relationship.


As a science student, I love to experiment or tweak the formula by changing a certain variable of the equation and see what other results it can produce. That’s what I do and love to do.


Then, I applied the same success formula with some tweak and to my surprise, it applies to my relationship as well. In a short few months, I manage to attract a kind and beautiful young girl into my life (who seems IMPOSSIBLE to me at first). Pictures below.


Raymond Chua


Raymond Chua and his girlfriend


Here’s the beauty of this formula. It doesn’t care how impossible is it to you right now. As long as you follow the steps precisely, you’ll reap the same results as surely as what other successful people do.


I’m not interested in your love story, Raymond. Show me the money!


Alright, as for the financial part of my life, I manage to earn more and enjoy more in these 2 years than all other years combined after I study and APPLIED (and still applying) about the Science of Getting Rich.


That explains why I disappear from this blog for quite a while. The new relationship and my growing business has taken up much of my commitment and I spend more time enjoying my new life which I never thought I would.


When the results began to appear, I found myself driving my own new car which I think is impossible, dining in the finest restaurants which I didn’t even dare to imagine in the past and many others.


I’m not saying this to brag but to prove to you that the Science of Getting Rich really works and now I want to share it with you. If you want to enjoy the life I’m enjoying now and more. Click here to learn about the Science of Getting Rich.


Wanna share some thoughts, head over to the comment section and tell me what you think.


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    • Andrew Rondeau

      There MAY BE a science to getting rich but the biggest
      reason why most people fail is action. It’s the actual implementation part that
      most people just don’t do!

      People want to be rich…easily i.e. without the 14 hour working days!

      Unfortunately with or without the science you have to take action to be rich.


      • Raymond CHua

        I agree with you, Andrew. Most people have that problem. 

      • Lastik Al

        Thanks Beat

      • cheese of the month

        I would have to agree, just cause you “build it” doesn’t mean people will come, you have to work for it and make it happen.

    • Beat Schindler

      I am very happy for your results. The happiness in the two of you’re eyes is inspirational. And “Yes!”, there’s science in “getting rich” – for the simple reason there’s science in everything. My own science of rich says it’s more demanding than painting by numbers, cooking by recipe or putting IKEA furniture together, or the three together at the same time. 

      Another way of saying there’s a gap – between the scientific and the real – that every real person will come face to face with, some sooner, some later. Are you a real? Well, we have the photos to prove it – you’re double-real now – congratulations!


      • Raymond CHua

         Thanks Beat. I do agree with you that it’s more than just painting by numbers. There are many moving parts in the equation.

    • 8corinneedwards

      Dear Raymond -

      Yes, I am interested in hearing about your new relationship.

      I know you have been looking for a lovely companion for a while.

      Looks like you hit the jackpot.  What an adorable young woman.

      Yes, I do believe there is a formula for success – a science.

      Choosing what you are good at is one.

      Then, doing the work.

      Congratulations on the new car. 

      It is so wonderful for me to have you so happy.  

      • Raymond CHua

         Thanks Corrine.

        “Hit the jackpot”. That’s the word. Love it!

    • Joel Williams

      Congratulations Raymond, it certainly looks like it’s working for you. As Andrew says taking action is a huge ingredient, there are often many sacrifices to make and for a lot of people they’re not worth it. I’m glad you’re happy!

      • Raymond CHua

        Thanks Joel. Taking massive action or having the gut to do it is like a fuel that moves every vehicle towards destination. All resources without action is useless.

    • Debbie happymaker

      Very interesting, Raymond.  Dream it, have a plan and throw in the action. 

      Never give up.  i do believe many people do work the action, but then right before they are to see the daylight around the corner they quit and give up.  You have to keep your site on the goal and take it one step at a time.  And always remember riches can come in many form.

      Love the picture and thank you for sharing it.  Is’t love wonderful.

      Blessing to you,

      • Raymond CHua

         Hi Debbie, most people do take the actions required but they lack of discipline to follow through and persist. It’s sad to see that many give up before the flower blooms from the seed.

        And Yes! Love’s beautiful and wonderful.

      • Mikael Rieck

        I agree that many do take action but I am also guessing that the majority never do. Failure to take action is by far the biggest showstopper IMO.

    • pizza chef

       It is really being an interesting point that without gaining experience you can not get the full knowledge about that particular subject.

    • NewLaunch.Com.SG=g

      The difference between people who succeed and people who failed.

      1. It’s too difficult… but I can’t do it / I will try.
      2. It’s too difficult… but I will do it!

      Action is the most important part when it comes to success. 

    • NewLaunch.Com.Sg

      The difference between people who succeed and people who failed.1. It’s too difficult… but I can’t do it / I will try.
      2. It’s too difficult… but I will do it!Action is the most important part when it comes to success. 

    • Harri

       thanks for the article


    • Fast print

      You have to make some difference in the science and the money as the money can not get the more knowledge it depends on your mind and change according to your  practice.

    • pizza chef

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    • tararadam

      Very interesting. Thank you for the article!

    • Cloud computing

      The Secret really was just an updated, slick video version of Wattles
      book. I don’t believe that there is any science involved, because there
      was no secret revealed in The Secret! 

    • organic crib mattress

       i did try this law of attraction on my self and i feel really these are nice law of attraction. i am very glad to visit it.

    • Cloud computing

      this is very interesting post. i am very happy to visit this post.

    • ngv tanks

       I don’t believe that there is any science involved, because there was no secret revealed in The Secret! Peale’s book title pretty much sums it up: Think positively. Is that a guarantee of wealth and success? Absolutely not.

    • Agentii imobiliare

      Of course there is a science! Not everyone has the luck and the calling to make a big living out of nothing. U need some extra brain there!!

    • coal briquetting plant

      most people do take the activities required but they deficiency of self-discipline to adhere to through and continue to persist. It’s sad to see that many give up before the plant flowers from the seeds.

      • Raymond CHua

         Hi, Please use a name instead of your niche to avoid your comment from being deleted

    • organic crib mattress

      It’s sad to see that many give up before the plant flowers from the present time science is just like a god because every thing is done by science,

    • victoria falls

      I have different opinion about this topic and also take it in the life as the rich can not be the science too. It is a complicative one.

    • Apartamente de vanzare

      This is a great post. You are perfectly right.

    • New Property Launch

      Definitely a science. It’s like a concoction of all factors, luck, timing, effort put in, ideas etc etc.

    • Bijuterii argint

      Congrats for the article!!

    • Cadou

      Everything we do we can consider it a science :P

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