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I was having a cup of coffee with friends. It’s a gathering and we are having a good time. After the chat, laughter and the coffee, we left the restaurant without paying the money. Not intentionally but I really forgot about it.

Not long after that, a friend of mine told me that the owner of the restaurant has called police to capture me and advice me to pay the bill before the police arrive.

I quickly ran to the restaurant, apologize and pay the money I owed. Then the police come …

… and I wake up early in the morning realizing that it was just a dream.

(I was practicing lucid dream

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a day before to ask for whatever information that I need to know)

As both you and I know, there are a lot of things which doesn’t make sense in our dreams.

For example, normally, we pay the money before we collect the food or the beverages from the counter. Another thing is that the waiter or waitress didn’t stop me when I was leaving (assume that I didn’t pay for the drinks)

I kept thinking of the dream and I can’t figure out the meaning that’s hiding behind it.

Dreams as a messenger

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Our dreams do not have to be logic as long as it delivers the message. That’s its job (I think) :)

The Diary

After I woke up and get myself ready, I checked my “To Do List” and browsed through the tasks that I brought forward from yesterday.

The first thing was to renew my business registrations. That made me travel down to town to renew my business registrations. When I was about to leave the counter, I double check the information on the document just to make sure that everything is correct before I leave the building.

Then my eyes stumbled on the due date of my business license which is on that particular day!

That means, if I renew it a day later, I might get the penalty from the officer.

Puzzle Solved

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That’s exactly what my dream is all about. It actually reminded me to renew my business registration but not in the direct manner. It’s symbolic. It’s a puzzle for me to solve.

I’ll train myself to be more aware of the messages from my dreams and try to make my sub-conscious mind to give me a clearer picture so that it’s easier for me to “crack the code” of my dreams.

Perhaps doing more hypnosis and lucid dream free girl in the park the movie download exercise will help.

Do you have such an experience before where your dream was telling you something? How do you make your dream easier to analyze? Feel free to share it with me.

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    • Attraction Guy

      Hi Raymond,

      After reading this post, I think it’s a very interesting thoughts about dream.

      I have saw some experiment videos about dream. There’s a guy who read a list of words before he sleep and he end up having a dream made up by those words. Dream is still a myth to me and still feel interested to know more about it.

      Thanks for the sharing. By the way, I was quite shocked when you mentioned you almost get caught until you said it was just a dream.

    • Dining Room Tables

      You are very fortunate that you can vividly recollect your dreams. This is quite rare. To that extent, it is believed that you have come some way in your spiritual path. Your awareness level is high.

      I am not so lucky. I can rarely remember my dreams except that they were either pleasant or unpleasant. Most people are like this.

    • raymond

      Hi Attraction Guy,

      That is called Lucid Dream. I am practicing them now. But I often fall asleep before the hypnosis audio has the chance to play for even 5 minute.

      Sorry for the hype. :)

    • raymond

      Hi Dining Room Tables,

      According to research, we tend to forget our dreams within 7 seconds after we wake up.

      I began to have better memory of my dreams after I practicing Lucid Dreaming several months ago.

      Besides, I put a pen and a paper beside my bed to write them down the moment I wake up and now, I have created a habit of asking myself

      “What I had dream”,

      at the very moment I wake up.

      Perhaps all these has create and increase my awareness to my dreams.

      Some of my dreams even made my friend strike some lotteries.

      I don’t earn any commission from there but they buy me lunch. :P

    • azrin

      There is nothing wrong to keep dreaming because dream is a motivation to get something into reality.

    • raymond

      Hi Azrin,

      That’s very true. :)

    • Phil the Plumbing Expert

      I experienced that also. There are times, I dreamed that I was crying, when I woke up, there was tears in my eyes also. I don’t know why it happened. :)

      Dreams are just a product of imagination.

    • Dining Room Tables

      I will give you commission too, if you can get me to win a lottery!

    • raymond

      Hi Dining Room Tables,

      I will place the bet myself if I am sure that it will win. :)

    • raymond

      Hi Phil,

      I experienced that too. I can’t believe that I am crying in my sleep. :)

    • saoirse fergus

      I dreamt i was running up and down this hill in the town where my grandmother lives as I ran there was a voiceover and a little picture in picture box where my granny was talking in Irish(gaeilic) to her neighbours about a tree she planted during the troubles(in northern ireland)some of the irish i didnt understand but it was subtitled then the picture changed and my grandmother who is housebound was borrowing fishing equipment off a neighbour who wanted to talk to Granny but granny just wnted to fish the dream ended with the neighbour saying rory(my granny but thats not her name)eating lius whatever next i didnt understand the word lius so i looked it up in my irish dictionary when i woke up and it means pike!weird huh does anyone kow what it might mean?

    • raymond

      Hi saoirse fergus,

      I have no idea what the dream means. Sorry.

    • Raymond 2

      As I’ve read, dreams are no more that our own sub brain routines. Just what is bouncing around the brain at that time of your sleep. I’ve also seem studies of raped eye and vital signs, meaning that your mind is still working even if you are asleep. That makes since as the brain keeps the body’s function’s going (it seem to make since to me), we do also have involuntary nerve reactions, thing’s that we have little or no control of (even if your awake), unless you’ve been trained not to react to them.

    • raymond

      Hi Raymond2,

      Do yo mean rapid eye movement (REM) or raped eye?

      I do not have any deep knowledge about dreaming yet and thank you for sharing your knowledge. :)

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