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It’s been more than a year I have taught people to use the power of the Law of Attraction to manifest their goals and dreams and some of the frequently ask questions are

When will it manifested to me?

How will it manifested to me?

How come I’m not seeing the result yet?

Are you sure it’s gonna work?

It’s been a while and I have not seen any result. Am I doing the right thing?

It’s a norm that we, as a human want to know everything in detail. We feel safe and secure when we know what we want to know.

Isn’t it important for you to know how much your salary is, when you get your paycheck, when your love one come back and so on. The answers to these questions give you a sense of security.

However this isn’t the case for the universe. When you want to manifest your intention by using the Law of Attraction, you are dealing with the universe and not to human.

The problem is, when you are dealing with the universe, there are different set of rules to follow. When you are dealing with the universe, you mustn’t care about all these questions. In another words, you must let go.

When you begin to ask the questions like how or when you are going to get it, you are playing the game with the wrong rules.

The need to know is driven by fear. The more you ask, the more fearful you are and the Law of Attraction

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states that you are attracting what you feel. That means, you are attracting a bunch of fear to you instead.

That’s probably the reason why some people said that the Law of Attraction is a fad rumor has it free download . Maybe it’s because they don’t understand it yet. What do you think? Share your opinion with me.

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    • Dining Room Table

      Simple, Like attracts like and you reap what you sow. No great deal of thinking needed to understand that. Unfortunately, we are conditioned to think otherwise. If only we stop thinking and let go, we will attract what we think we require.

    • raymond

      Nicely said. :)

    • Hai Liang

      Hi Raymond,

      I think this article is also related to your earlier one that setting deadline is not really good. That was when your post really struck me.

      I suppose when you ask when, why and how then you are setting an unconscious deadline for the universe to work. So perhaps it won’t work this way.

      As I get to know more, I start to appreciate the abundance I get now and feel grateful for it and just forget about when, why and how am I going to achieve my desires. This is allowing, right?

      Based on my recent experiences after learning more “correct” way of applying the Law of Attraction, trusting that the universe will grant my desires in its own appropriate time and not worrying about the when, why and how will show better results.

      Hai Liang

    • crave

      its all in your desire and application. calling something a fad is creating an excuse as to why YOU failed.


    • raymond

      Hi Hai Liang,

      I never thought of that.

      It worths a ponder.

      Thanks for sharing your perspective.

      Letting go is a learnable skill. :)

    • raymond

      Hi Crave,

      I can’t agree more with you. :)

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      All your stories are very great! I’m so thankful and so blessed I came across to your site. Congratulations for a great job.

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