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ionAnimated Brain. The brain is divided into the ... fatal blade free download Image via Wikipedia Hypnosis is a wakeful state where your attention is focused and you are open to suggest.

Hypnosis is a great way to “program” your mind with the thoughts you desire.

When your attention is focused, you feed your mind with positive affirmation and suggestion. This affirmation and suggestion will then absorbed into your subconscious mind and from there, it will change your emotion, action and results in your life.

I love hypnosis. In fact, I have a huge collection of hypnosis audios that cover most of the area in my life including health, luck, relationship, happiness, wealth, business, you name it.

There’s no question that hypnosis can improve and enhance the power of your attraction especially if you are actively using the Law of Attraction to achieve your goals.

Let’s start with a simple hypnosis

This is just some basic stuff or I’ll call it the introduction of hypnosis only. To get deeper into the hypnosis world, I’d recommend you this hypnosis audio series.

The more you put your brain in alignment, the more powerful it is in spreading out the beautiful positive wave of thoughts

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    • The Drunken Blogger

      Thanks for that video. Its funny, people normally have a negative perception about hypnosis, though it is a natural process.

    • raymond

      Perhaps they are drown with too many negative examples from TV where a hypnotist uses hypnosis to manipulate other people. :)

    • Kacy Arch

      Interesting video, first i was doing something similar, and i tried to be serious, and i must admit get i have caught myself really focused, and out of everything that occupies me in everyday life… I will have to spare some time to check hypnosis.

    • raymond

      Hi Kacy,

      Hypnosis is very powerful and I highly recommend you to check it out and most importantly, practice it.

      You’ll see your life change.

    • Law Magazine Blogger

      i have some tapes about hypnosis. Its very intresting and powerful.

    • raymond

      I second that. In fact, I am listening to a hypnosis audio while I am typing this.

      It is too powerful to be ignored.

    • Rika’s Jazzy Vegetable Juicing

      I think we are not making enough use of hypnosis. It can make a huge difference in how we feel, our self-image and our attitude. And, once you get the hang of it, you can even practice self-hypnosis. This is powerful stuff in the right hands.

    • raymond

      Hi Rika,

      It’s also one of the most oversee points of leverage. :)

    • Lumineers cost

      My feelings as far as hypnosis goes are mixed. I’ve heard that alternatives to hypnosis in treating things such as alcoholism and smoking are just as, if not more effective than hypnosis itself.

    • Back Pain Orange County

      Hypnosis seems to be a very effective tool to program your mind to function in the way you want it to. What I don’t know is how many practitioners are actually licensed to perform this procedure.

      • raymond

        Hi Back Pain,

        Why is that important to you? Mind to share your point of view?

    • Zerona

      If hypnosis really helps the person fill his mind with positive thoughts and focus their energy on their goals, it must be worth it.

      • raymond

        HI Zerona,

        Indeed. It is.

    • Abigail Clark

      Can hypnosis help in anxiety attacks and depression ?,,;

    • glass cleaning

      well i can do the relieving tension at first and becoming numb, and i can go to
      the state where my heart is racing and i’m in deepp hypnosis … but for some
      reason whenever that happens i get intense tension in my hands and they shake,
      bringing me out of hypnosis before I’ve finished.


    • glass cleaning

      I think hypnosis
      depends on the person, because a more subjectable person is likely to be hypnotised whereas
      someone less subjectable is more unlikely to be hypnotised.

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