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It Won’t Work!

September 14, 2008 | 27 Comments

Empire State Building - A Night View from GE B...Image via Wikipedia Have you ever think that you are too ordinary to be successful?Have you ever tried something and give it up just because it didn’t work?

If your answer is yes, then this article is for you.

First of all, let’s get this straight. Nobody is born successful or super successful.

If you find yourself doing ordinary things all the time, then I would like to congratulate you because you are already on your way to your success.

All you have to do is do the “ordinary thing” consistently.

Ordinary things, consistently done produce extraordinary results

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And I do mean any ordinary things. Nobody is born master. Every skill is learnable and repetition is the master of skills.

Let’s take a few successful icons as an example.

Anthony Robbins does not get to be the number 1 motivational speaker because he is borne with the skill. He becomes the number 1 motivational speaker because of his consistency.

Here’s how he started. He used to knock on doors and offer a free 2 hours seminars. After knocking on the doors of a few apartments and offer his free seminar, 3 people actually showed up in his very first “seminar”

He was shivering and he didn’t even know what he was talking about. If you were to ask him how it feels after the first seminar, he’ll say, “Horrible”

Did he stop there? No! He kept on practicing to become who he is today. He use the power of consistency.

“Every Master Was Once A Disaster” – T Harv Eker

Here’s another example. David Copperfield does not become a famous magician overnight. He started by trying to make a coin disappear in his bedroom and do you think he succeed in his first attempt. No! It was horrible. However …

… with his persistency and consistent practice, he can now make the entire Empire State Building disappear.

The same goes for the Law of Attraction. Not everyone can master the skill of applying the Law of Attraction in the first attempt. When I started to use the Law of Attraction to manifest the things that I want, it was horrible.

But, with continuous practice and deeper understanding, I can now manifest a lot of things easily and I suddenly found myself live in a magical life.

So, if you are still learning to make the Law of Attraction

to work for you, don’t give up. Practice it consistently and you’ll get the extraordinary result.

Oh, by the way, if you wish to sign up for Anthony Robbins’ next Unleash The Power Within seminar in Vancouver, here the link.

Unleash The Power Within, October 2008

I wish you all the success and remember to move forward and be consistent.

Oh, one more thing. Here’s a video that I think you should watch

lord of the flies movie

(if you haven’t already)

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    • dr hapizi

      I beg to differ.

      for me, ordinary things, consistently done, will ONLY produce ordinary result.

      in order to get extraordinary results, you must work extraordinarily. but before that, decide on what you want in life, focus, learn from mistakes plus positive thinking, power planning, among other things.

      As Tony Robbins puts it-” I became an excellent public speaker because, rather than once a week, I booked myself to speak three times a day to anyone who would listen. while others in my organisation had 48 speaking engagement a year, I would have similar number within 2 weeks..”

      -just my two cents-

    • raymond

      Hi Dr Hapizi,

      It’s great to see a new perspective here.

      I am focusing on the things to do it while you see it from the methodology perspective.

      I think that we are both right.

      Anthony Robbins are doing the same thing (which is public speaking) over and over again but the thing that separates him from the other is the way he does it.

      He increases the frequency and accelerate himself to success.

      He did ordinary things over and over again and more frequently than the others and improve himself along the way.

      That has made him an extraordinary man today.

      Imagine if a person learns cooking today, learn yoga tomorrow, golf the day after … you get what I mean, right?

      Rolling stone gather no moss.

      That’s what I mean by the phrase “Ordinary things, consistently done produce extraordinary results.”

    • Paula

      It sounds like you guys are saying one needs quality and quantity to reap the desired results.

    • Mental Perception

      This is a great post…I also enjoyed reading the comments left here as well.

      I look forward to reading tomorrow’s article.

      Mental Perception

    • raymond

      Hi Mental Perception,

      Thanks. :)

    • raymond

      Hi Paula,

      It is, indeed. :)

    • Miss Gisele B.

      This is such a great feature.

      Thanks so much for saying that you had to try a few times before mastering the Laws of Attraction. It makes me want to continue until I live the life of my dreams.

      Thanks again!

      Miss Gisele B.

    • raymond

      Hi Miss Gisele B,

      I’m glad to hear your commitment.

      Keep on trying until you make it!

    • dr hapizi

      yupp,Raymond. I agree. we’re both right. we just need to give positive meaning for whatever statements/events that we face. it’s all by our choice!

      btw there’s a saying in T Harv Eker’s Secrets of Milionaire Mind:-

      ‘If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got’

      -just a point to ponder-

    • raymond

      Hi Dr. Hapizi,

      We learn to walk, write or sing by doing it over and over again (Consistently)

      When we go to the gym, we do the same thing consistently and those actions build our muscles and thus make us stronger

      ‘If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got’

      I can’t agree more. In this case,

      “If we keep on improving ourselves, we’ll keep getting improvement”

      Consistent improvement CAN and WILL produce extraordinary result.

    • smiley

      Thank you very much. Interesting perspective. It makes me want to continue until I live the life of my dreams.

    • raymond

      Never give in, Smiley.

      That’s the worst thing you can do to yourself.


    • Kill Weight

      Excellence is not happenstance but the result of perseverance. Do not just expect it; demand it of yourself.

    • raymond

      Hi Kill Weight,

      You are so right. Demand for it! :)

    • David Spencer

      Yeah i can understand that this is not an ordinary work and you shuld struggle for it.

    • raymond

      Hi David,

      I choose not to use the word “struggle”.


    • Herbal remedy

      Learn the Secret to attracting everything you desire in your life using this Universal, For those who have never heard of the LOA, ( law of attraction )

    • raymond

      Thanks for the comment, Herbal Remedy. :)

    • Charles

      Yes, consistency is the key! I can’t tell you how many people I meet will tell me that they too have seen The Secret, listened to Tony Robbins or another speaker and then judge me for taking only one step a day – claiming they are getting ahead faster. But after a year they have given up and my results have multiplied upon themselves. It’s just like the old “Tortoise and the Hare” story.

    • raymond

      Hi Charles,

      Glad that you are not “greedy” when it comes to this. Less is more. :)

    • Ruby Warenwirtschaftssoftware

      I think the Law of Attraction will not work if you don’t love what you’re doing. If you love what you are doing, then success will come naturally. I agree with you that in order for the Law of Attraction to work for you, don’t give up. That’s exactly what I always do…I love what I’m doing and I’m definitely not gona give up.
      By the way, I love the way you write your articles, it makes me continue reading your other articles.

    • raymond

      Hi Ruby,

      Thanks for your support.

      When we love what we do, we are actually creating the positive energy which will then accelerate the process of manifestation.

      The love serves as a catalyst.

    • law of attraction

      You just let me known that “Every disaster can be Master” Just putting reversal law of your statement “Every Master Was Once A Disaster”

      And “Tortoise and the Hare” story….!

    • Funny Life Quotes

      I have attended one program discussing things about positive mental attitude and this I think is one great factor in implementing that. To think positively to attract positive things and to project positive visualization. What you have here is one great resource and I’d say practical. Keep on posting articles such as these. Thanks!


      Riya Malhotra

    • raymond

      Hi Riya,

      Thanks for the kind words.

      If we can see it in our mind, we can hold it in our hand(s). :)

    • Lend

      Did you hear that Louise Woodward has joined the Spice Girls? The first thing she did was drop Baby Spice

      • raymond

        Hi Lend,
        I didn’t know about that. Thank you for sharing it. :)

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