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I received some interesting emails yesterday as a response to the last 2 posts. If you haven"t read the last 2 posts, I suggest you read it here and here so that you would not get lost in today"s blog.

First Question: Do you mean we should avoid all our family members and friends?

Answer: No. Not all family members and friends are bad. Some may have a very positive mindset. So, your job is to identify and categorize them into two groups. Mix more with those positive people and avoid the negative one.

If both your parents appear to be negative, then, please don"t run away from home. When they try to shoot your brain with negative thoughts, try to counter (not fighting) them with positive thoughts within you. Alternatively, you can try to change to topic of your conversation.

Second Question: I am surrounded by negative people. How can I find communities full of positive thinkers? outlaw trail the treasure of butch cassidy divx online

Answer: In the ancient time, I don"t have answer for this but thanks to the internet. It makes a lot of things possible. There are blogs, communities, forum and other websites about positive thinking, mind power, personal growth and development

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, overcome negativity and the Law of Attraction.

This blog you are reading right now is one of the communities you are looking for. Get yourself involve in the conversation. The comments column is a very very cool tool you can use to join this community and get all the positive energy you need. gunfight at the o k corral movie download

Do it and you"ll be amazed. I always welcome people like you to my blog. Nothing is more rewarding than to read you comments (unless you are trying to spam). Deleting spam comments is cool because it shows me that I am the master here. So, don"t waste your time spamming my blog.

Third Question: Besides from the internet, where else can I get more positive energy?

Answer: Ok, internet is just an alternative to get a lot of free valuable information (but you still have to filter out the bad ones) but in case you don"t like it or you are having problems with internet connection, then I would recommend you to read motivational books, audios download impulse free and surround yourself with positive quotes, words and phrases.

It works very well for me and I believe it will work for you too. Good Luck!

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    • Aldian Prakoso

      Answering the first question, you can also make new friends with positive mindsets ;)

    • raymond

      Thanks for your answer Aldian :P

    • Johnny

      law of attraction works for me, i see it daily since i learned it.

    • raymond

      Thanks Johnny for stopping by.

      You got a great banana blog. :)

    • Pingback: personal growth

    • raymond

      Hi Personal Growth,

      The Secret is indeed a huge success and it has built a great momentum in the personal development field.

    • Oka Mahendra

      We can turn negative people to positive people with some actions. We should know people personally to determine they are positive or negative.

    • raymond

      Hi Oka,

      I would choose to agree with that. :)

      Thanks for sharing. :)

    • tanvir islam

      welldone mate,nice blog.Thanx for the post :D

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