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We talked about attracting love in the last post

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. After we get the relationship, romance and the love we want, we must appreciate it. We must feel grateful and express our gratitude for having what we want.

For some people, when they get the love and relationship they want, then only they realise that it is not exactly what they really want in their life.

For some people, after they get into some serious relationship or marriage, they found out that their significant other does not “meet their requirement”. They might feel that they lost their freedom, they have different opinion most of the time, not being able to adapt to the new lifestyle … and the list goes on.

From this moment, they begin to send out negative thought to the universe. Their emotions change from love, caring, sensitive to hate, annoy, anger … etc.

Their wish change …

From “I want that person” to “I hate that person”

From “I wish we could be together” to “I wish I’m single”

From “I wish to see him/her everyday” to “I wish him/her to dissappear from my life”

They think about it everyday with strong emotion. They visualize their life without their “so-called lover” everyday.

When a person send another wish out to the universe, the universe will respond. Your wish is the universe’s command!

It begins to rearrange itself to make your wish come true. In no time, the relationship will end just like that and no regret can bring the love back again.

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    • Rose

      Hi Raymond,
      This is the first sad article I ever read. The couple forgotten to renew or refresh their loves marriage. Here it mentioned thought how we take it for granted.
      At time it is quite scary as it all begin from thought. Be positive is the only way it make you happy all time.
      By the way the video is no longer available as stated on the screen as I try to clik on it. Thanks for this post.

    • raymond

      Hi Rose,

      I apologize for my late reply. I just came back from KL.

      What you say is very true and thanks for letting me know about the video. Perhaps they have taken it out from YouTube. :)


    • Jamaal

      Just curious, what was the name of the video, it is no longer available for download.

    • raymond

      Hi Jamaal,

      It’s called Superwoman. It’s a song (MV).

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