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I hope you enjoy the story in the last post.

Why do you think the guy never win the lottery from the Law of Attraction perspective.

He began by Asking the universe for what he wanted. He want to win a million dollar from the lottery. He had a strong faith that he will get it one day by praying really hard to god.

He visualized his dream. He sees himself helping people around him with the money.
In another words, he had a picture in his mind how he is going to use the money.

He visualizing and having faith that his dream will come true, he generates a good feeling. He feels that it is true. He have almost done what is taught in the Law of Attraction.

So, what is missing in the process. YES! He never take action. A lot of people come to me and tell me that the Law of Attraction never work for him or her. However, when I asked them to tell their stories, I found out that all those stories have a similarity which is, they never take action to make their dream come true.

So, if you have been applying the Law of Attraction for quite a while and still not see the result, ask yourself if you have taken the actions. This little twist can make your dreams come true.

Take action! not later, not tomorrow, not next week. Take Action TODAY!

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    • Liara Covert

      Taking action alone is less effective than combining it with things like patience and hope.

    • BO


    • raymond

      Nope. Cos I never buy one. :)

      I prefer to visualize the growth of my business.

      A friend of mine strikes lottery at least once a month with this method (since I created this blog).

      Thanks for coming BO. ;)

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    • belabrutiozi

      this like bullshit illuminati things$ better thingking your life positive or negative that all 1 only chance your 1 li!fe which one you take !this not about money . LOVE AND PEACE Of mind more important all .

    • raymond

      Hi belabrutiozi,

      Thank you for sharing. I didn’t mention that attracting money is the most important of all (even thought there’s nothing wrong with it)

      We can use the Law of Attraction is literally every area of our lives including to attract love and peace.

      Your words obviously reflects your thoughts towards money and your financial blueprint.

      Thank you for your opinion though.

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