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“Everything that comes into your life or into my life comes through the Law of Attraction. So, the more we understand this, the better off we’re going to be.” – Bob Proctor. download goonies the online

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Law of Attraction is the subset of Law of Vibration. In another words, Law of Attraction is the secondary law. Law of Vibration is the primary law of it.

The Law of Vibration says that everything vibrate. We live in the world of vibration. The cup on my table is vibrating. The plants in the pot is vibrating, the fish in the aquarium is vibrating and even corpses are vibrating. Else, how they turn into dust?

Let’s begin with some basics of Science, Physics  to be more specific. Everything in this world in made up of atom. Take your finger for example. If you put it under the proper microscope, you’ll see trillions of cells that forms our skin, flesh, bones … etc.

When we enlarge the cells, we can see molecules.

If we continue to zoom in, we will see atoms.

Zoom in the atom and we will see particles such as protons, neutrons and electrons. The particles are vibrating all the time. They never stop.

It is this vibration that creates the wave of thought that send out to the universe.beneath the planet of the apes dvd download download roman holiday free

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