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Health plays an important part of our life. You can have a lot of money, a sweet lover, abundance of delicious food and loving family. However, if you don’t have a good health, you are not going to enjoy all these at all.

Imagine if you are now lying on the patient bed with all those “wires” plugged onto your body. You can have a lot of money but you can not spend the money you have earned. You can smell those delicious foods but you can not consume them. You can have a great lover but you see them worrying for you and feeling sad all the time. You can have a loving and caring family but you just not able to spend quality time with them.

So, I guess that’s pretty much enough to stress the important of health in our life. The good news is that, no condition or situation is permanent. We can change all these by applying the Law of Attraction into our life.

First of all, we need to really know what we want. Obviously, we want a good health in this case. However, that is not specific. We need to define what good health means to us is. This is a very subjective statement as good health is defined differently by different person.

For instant, you can wish for, “I want to be able to walk, run and jump without those pains again. I want to go back to my 30s where I could do all those activities easily without having back pains. My teeth are so strong and healthy that I can chew anything I want without feeling the pain. The more I eat, the healthier I become. The cholesterol just come out from my body because my body is not a suitable place for the cholesterol. I am no different than the strong young man I met in the gym in terms of health …”

After you have defined what kind of health you really want, visualize it. Picture yourself living in the healthy life. Don’t dwell in your pain. Forget about the current discomfort. Look into the future. Live your life as you have already gained the health you have always wanted.

See yourself playing with kids in the playground. Challenge some young men for a race. See yourself fighting your way to the finish line. See the sweats sprinkle away from your body, from your hair. Yes, you have reached the finish line and you’re 2 seconds before those young men. You have just won them all. They can’t believe it. Their jaws drop in amazement.

Your whole body are sweating, you feel healthy and energetic. You feel hungry too. Your love one hands over a towel to you with a sweet smile. You reply his/her smile and say, “Thank you”. After that, you go to one of the restaurant which serves the best food.

You ordered a steak because you don’t have any problem chewing it with your strong teeth and you are so fit that you can totally ignore the cholesterol, obesity, high blood pressure and all the rubbish medical terms. Those words never exist in your dictionary.

As you visualize this, feel the joy. Feel the fun. Feel the life. Live in it. If you keep on thinking of healthy happy life, that’s what you are going to attract. The universe will rearrange itself to give you the health and happiness

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    • Access Dental Care

      I think visualization is a key factor for improving your health. If you do not invision it, then you will most likely never succeed because you don’t think you can. However, you need more than visualization; you need to actually move and push yourself towards your health conscious goal. If that goal is to have a healthy mouth then you need to be regular in your brushing and flossing and you need to watch what you eat.

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