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I have always wanted ‘something’ for quite a while but when I search through the internet, I was shock. The price cost me a bomb. Frankly, I was feeling a little bit disappointed by that point of time.

Being aware that the Law of Attraction eraserhead divx is working all the time, I quickly change my thought. I quickly compress the picture of disappointment, make it black and white, turn off the volume of the scene, shrink it, and finally disappear.

I immediately change it with a positive thought. Instead of thinking, “I can not afford it”, I choose to think, “How can I afford it?” I print the picture of the “thing” that I want and paste it on my vision board. I visualize it everyday. Whenever I feel tired staring at my laptop for few hours, I will take 5 minutes rest.

I will close my eyes, put on the Attraction Accelerator music and began to visualize how the tools that I have always wanted to buy can help me in my work, how it reduces my work load and so on. I visualized how I use the tool, how I operate it, how easy the tasks are and produce the result I always desire for. I do this few times a day, consistently for a month.

This morning, I received a Skype message from a good friend of mine from New Zealand. He always knows what I wanted that product so badly. He told me that he have found a website that sells the product I want at much lower price. I have no idea how he define “much lower price”, so I go to the website and take a look at it.

I read every word in the sales letter. I was amazed. It is 20 times cheaper and has more functions than the one I was eyeing for. Needless to say, I click on the order button immediately and purchased the product. While waiting for the download, I quickly ran up to my bedroom; take down the picture from my vision board and say, “Thank you, the universe, another dream comes true.”

Feeling grateful is one of the most important part of the whole process of attraction. Expressing your gratitude would attract more of the events you"re grateful for.

If you study carefully, I just follow the 3 simple steps taught in The Secret movie. First, I ask for what I want. I put it up on my vision board. I believe that I already have it while I am visualizing it. I was not good in visualizing. Thanks to the Attraction Accelerator audio cherry falls online personal effects movie

that has help me a lot in the visualization process. Finally, when it arrives, I receive it and feel grateful for it.

Do you have any success stories to share? Please share it with us by posting it in the comment link. Thank you.

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    • Liara Covert

      How often do you meet someone who underestimates what he can do or afford? How often do you underestimate potential and belittle perceived possibilities? This is the result of conditioning. Each of us has the power to condition the reverse in ourselves. Thanks for your inspirational message. Expressing gratitude will go a long way to transforming you life for the better.

    • raymond

      Yeah Liara, one should never underestimate themselves. Let the universe shows its power and brings miracles into our lives.

    • Jennifer Powell

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