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Feng Shui is an art of living. It was originate from Chinese culture. “Feng” means wind in Chinese and “Shui” means water. The ancient Chinese used to apply this principle to find their place to live. They would find some places which are near to the source of water and windy before they build their houses and plant their foods. These two factors are believed to bring them the comfort of living.

Feng Shui is use to create harmony to our surrounding through the blend of colors, the arrangement and space, directions, and other elements. Symbols are often used to create harmony and balance. It can act as enhancer or remedy.

For example, Feng Shui believers may put gold ingots or coins in their cashier counter or somewhere nearby their safe to attract more money coming in. They will also hang their family pictures in their house to symbolize unity and togetherness. Some will put a few models of ships loading with ingots and foreign currencies pointing (sailing) into their house to symbolize abundance and wealth coming into their house. Keeping turtles is another way which they believe to ensure longevity in their lives.

Now, don"t you think that all these look like a vision board? You put what you want in places where you can see it often and whenever you see it, you visualize that it is coming to your way. It is just pretty much like a gratitude rocks. The magic is created from our mind and thought and not from the rocks. The rocks just remind you of your goals.

I am a Feng Shui believer. I used to believe that if I just put all the symbolic stuffs there, it will work like magic. Guess what? After a year, nothing happen! I have heard lots of time where people say that they put this ancient coin under their pillow and they strike the lottery a day after or “I just put this Feng Shui plants in my living room and my relationship improves in less than a week” and so on.

I can not figure out why it does not work for me like it works for others. I found the missing pieces after I watched “The Secret” movie. I was blown away. I understand it finally. It is not about the symbols, it is about me. Those symbols are like gratitude rocks. They don"t have extraordinary power inside them. The extraordinary power is within my mind.

Chinese businessmen who put those gold ingots and god of wealth and the so called wealth ships on their cashier counter does not get rich because they put all the stuffs there. They get rich because whenever they see the gold ingots, they visualize

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money coming into their business premise. When they see the god of wealth, they have faith that the god will bring in more money for them. They Believe. Whenever they see the wealth ships, they feel the abundance.

Unconsciously, they are working on the Law of Attraction. They have unwavering faith. They dare not doubt the god of wealth. They keep on sending the same thought at the same frequency to the universe. The universe will then rearrange itself to manifest the thought

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I think that"s enough to explain why Feng Shui did not work for me. It is because I did not visualize, believe with unwavering faith and feel the emotions once it is arrive. Thus, my dreams did not materialize.

There is just one difference between Feng Shui and vision board.
In Feng Shui, you put your goals and dreams everywhere while for vision board, you put your dreams and goals all in one place.

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    • Rhonee, The Feng Shui Queen

      Just read your article and YOU ARE RIGHT ON…. it is the power of our mind, our language, our beliefs and those symbols – that all work together… they become our vision board.. what we see, what we say… what we think about we bring about… the visual nature of the human mind.. reminds us.. as visual-ization… see it, bring it about..

      Thanks for getting it and for sharing it.. so others will also get it. The SECRET lies WITHIN…

    • raymond

      Hi Rhonee,

      Thanks for sharing.

      I have a lot of Feng Shui symbol in my house such as gold ingots, ship of abundance, crystals, singing bowl and many others.

      They serve me well throughout the years. :)

    • Rhonee, The Feng Shui Queen

      Hi Raymond,

      It is true the things we see have a positive influencing factor or a negative impact. Look around, what you see is either… putting a smile on your face with affirmation or reminding you of things past that take that feeling away. My advise is love it or lose it.

      Rhonee, The Feng Shui Queen, now Building Your Best Life coaching and strategies of Law of Attraction and more.

    • k?? bahçesi

      Feng Shui works. Feng Shui is an art of rise “life quality”.

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