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… continue from part 1

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If we study the example in part 1

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, we can see that Jane was visualizing

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of something she did not want. She made it so real in her mind. So real that it seems it has already happened. Furthermore, she believed whole heartedly that the crime will happen.

She attracted the crime unconsciously. She was not aware of her thought. She sent the negative thoughts to the universe. She affirmed her thought by visualizing every detail of it. She did it with intense negative emotions and consistently.

When the universe received her thought, it manifested her wish. Bear in mind that the universe does not read “want” or “don"t want”. As long as you think of burglary, that"s what you are going to get. It is just the matter of time.

Jane was continuously sending out the feelings, thought and emotions of stress, depression

, fear and worry. By doing so, she attracted more of the events (in this case, burglary) that give her more of the things she unconsciously asked for which are stress, depression, fear and worries.

Be aware of what you attract unconsciously as it may harm you if you attract the wrong thing which you don"t want. Create your self-consciousness today!download care bears journey to joke a lot dvdrip

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    • Liara Covert

      When people become as effective as expecting success and good fortune as they are at expecting trouble, the world will turn itself around for the better. Reading this kind of example helps us to rethink the pros and cons of our own reactions.

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