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I received an email from a reader today. This email is a response from the last post. In her email, she said that she can"t help but to worry and feel stress all the time until she reaches home. She knows that she needs to change her thoughts but the question is HOW? She asks me if there is any method to “cure” her thoughts.

My answer is YES. A lot of people do not have problem in understanding the Law of Attraction kismat konnection movie

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. For example, “changing your negative thoughts to positive thoughts” is not hard to understand at all. The real problem is HOW to apply the Law of Attraction in your life. Right, the trouble is HOW you can change your thought from negative to positive?

In the next few paragraph, I will show you the step-by-step method to change your thought from thinking negatively to positively.

Whenever you think of the negative thoughts, freeze the picture. Make everything stationary. Then, you turn the picture into black and white. Make it smaller and smaller and smaller until it disappears.

Now, think of what you want. Picture yourself driving home. When you reach home, the door is still locked. See the color of the padlock or the door knob. Take out the key and see yourself put the key into the keyhole. Open the door. Feel the sound and how you twist the key.

Everything is still in order. You feel happy that everything is going well today. Then, you land yourself on a sofa. It is so comfortable and life is good for you. Your maid brings you a cup of coffee. Smell the aroma. It"s so nice.

Remember that you have to feel good in your mind and body while you visualize

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this. Feel safe and secure. Play the Attraction Accelerator background music as you visualize this. It will make the process of your visualization more effective. Note that I never mention a word of burglar or thief during the process of visualization. The reason is simple. I just don"t want to attract what I do not want. I focus on what I want.

Attract safety and security, NOT the burglars and thieves.

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