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Hey! You Are Fat

June 23, 2007 | 5 Comments

If you are not satisfied with the diameter or the circumference of your waist, you might have tried several methods to “adjust” it. For those who are overweight, you probably have tried to reduce your carbohydrate or sugar consumption, exercising or take some pills.

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From the feedback I received, many people who tried to lose weight know what they need to do. However, they could not maintain the activities they should be doing.

In another words, most of them tried to reduce their carbohydrate intake and exercise as they should BUT they failed to do it regularly for a period of time.

One of the feedbacks I received was:

“I tried to live on vegetables and fruits for 2 days but I end up taking more ice-creams and chocolates than I usually do. Those 2 days were terrible …”

Another feedback is:

“I have been exercise regularly and watch my food intake but nothing happens. I can"t figure out why? My waist is still …”

I believe there are causes for everything.

Well, this post is about the problem. The cause of this problem will be revealed in the next post tomorrow.

If you have the same problem, please don"t hesitate to send me an email or post it in the comment column. Perhaps I can point out the cause of your problem in the next post which will be on the cause of why you have not lost your weight yet.

I do encourage 2 ways interaction.

P.S. Your identity will NOT be reveal.

P.P.S. Please tell me what comes across your mind while you are trying to lose weight and what you think when nothing happens. It will help me to identify your problem.

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    • Maria

      hi my name is maria, am 22yrs old ever since i was 14 i was a size 180 then a year before my birthday my parents decided to give me a sweet 15 so i starved myself and i lost a lot of weight when the day came i was 110 pounds.. Then after that i started gaining weight so i try by taking diet pills it would work for a couple of weeks but then i would loose it. Ever since january i decided that i was not going to drink anymore pills and that was just going to loose weight by just regular diet but i have tried then a time comes that i start feeling depress and i feel that i will never get into the wieght that i always wish..

    • raymond

      Hi Maria,

      First of all, welcome to my blog.

      I am wondering what come across to your mind while you are trying to lose your weight. You think of food or better body weight? Which one out-weight which one?

      And also, what is your self-image in your mind. Meaning, how do you see or perceive yourself?

    • SoorkMaksog

      hey everyone – been reading a while- this is my first post on Many thanks to others for all the good posts! If this is the wrong category for this post just drop a line or move it mods! following a health scare I’ve been seriously considering various means of dramatic weight loss. Im looking for some input on differnet methods. I’ve done some research at and Mens Fitness and am considering possibly using the a supplement or herbal method like liquid hoodia, possibly high intensity interval training, or some combination. Any suggestions or information or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot to everyone.

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