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First of all, thanks for those who send me emails.

In this post, we are going to discuss why some people fail to lose their weight.

Golden rule:

If you want to lose weight, you must first feel the way you want yourself to be and not the way you are. Slim person never think that they are fat. They do not think that they have to eat so much. They think that they can carry out their daily activities easily. That"s why they remain slim.

If you always think that you are fat and you need to eat a lot and you always think that you will have difficulties to carry out your daily activities. Guess what? Nothing positive will happen if you dwell on your current mindset.

Law of Attraction says, if you keep on thinking of fat, more food and difficulties, you unconsciously attract more of them into your life. You can never change the result without changing the cause.

Even if you control your diet and exercise, you would not see anything different if you doubt your action. You must have faith in yourself that whatever you do is bringing you closer to your goal.

You must visualize yourself in the size and weight you want. How would you feel when your goal has been achieved? What would your friends and family say? How many more activities can you do? See yourself living in your life the way you want.

Put the picture of the size and shape of the body you want on your vision board. Don"t visualize it just once. You must have discipline. Do it everyday. For the next 30 days, don"t think of overweight.

Live your life as you are in the perfect weight and size person.

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    • Liara Covert

      You make a meaningful point worth sharing. Life expeirence has shown that when I act as though I have achieved certain goals, then I invite or attract the positive results I expect. Its like facilitating progress. Anyone can benefit from positive thinking.

    • Smartlipo laser liposuction

      Weight loss is something that everyone is interested in and I think it is mainly because being fat is not well recieved in the society.

      They do it for the sake of appearance and hence land up using harmful pills and starving too much, they dont do if for the health reason.

      So I dont think most of the time there is a positive vibe.

    • raymond

      Losing weight by taking harmful pills is not my recommendation.

      My top recommendation is using visualization plus healthy habits and diets.

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