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Feed A Child

As I am in the World Internet Mega Summit Seminar in Singapore now. My mentor, Stephen Pierce has a new challenge. He challenge himself to raise $100,000 from 26th – 29th May 2007 to feed hungry children. For each one of you who subscribe to his donation website, sea of love download free phantom punch movie

Stephen Pierce is willing to donate $1 to feed hungry children!

Why you need to sign up? That’s a very good question. Stephen Pierce is going to send you a Success Report for Free and you can download 3 Momentum Mix track, again, for FREE.

That means you don’t have to pay anything to help feed the hungry children. Every sign-ups made a difference to those kids. I highly recommend you to sign up now!

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This is a great deal. If you wish to donate more, Stephen has put up a huge package of information products (Books, Audio,Video … etc) for those who donate $30 to feed the hungry kids.

These are not junk products. Those products are from Robert Kiyosaki, Brian Tracy, Jay Abraham, Mike Filsame, Armand Morin, Stephen Pierce himself and many more.

Remember as we sow so shall we reap. If you gives out plenty of goodness, you’ll attract more of the goodness to you.

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    • Lusi

      I ever heard about this program.
      And I thinks it’s a good chance to help each other.


    • Jo

      I cannot believe that anyone can take a picture of a human child in this state. If I saw a child like this the last thing on my mind would be to “document”.

      Why did you not run to this child and offer your assistance?

      Where is your empathy and respect? Do not post such pictures, do not take such pictures!

      Help the children for real, in real time.

    • raymond

      Hi Jo,

      I have the same thought too.

      Just to clarify. The picture was not taken by me. I just helps to spread the message and the pictures to create the awareness and to raise fund for the children.

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