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I talked about the difference between plan and strategy yesterday

and I know, some of may think what"s the connection between these stuffs and the Law of Attraction.

Let me tell you. They have a very close connection and most people fail to understand the Law of Attraction or fail to manifest their goals because they do not see the difference between plan and strategy.

One of the Common Mistakes

In the movie, The Secret, Bob Proctor said that we must be specific in setting our goals or when we are carving our destiny. We must clarify our goals or dreams specifically. T. Harv Eker would say, “Clarity is power”.

This is the part that most people get it wrong and that"s understandable because different people have different perspectives. Give 2 people the same picture and they may see it differently. download flight from ashiya dvdrip

All right, let"s get back to the common mistake. When the gurus say “be specific on your goals”, they mean define your end result in great detail.

Most people get it wrong. They do not define the end result. Instead, they specifically define the pathway of the manifestation. In another words, they try to plan on how they are going to get what they want and not what they want.

As Stephen Pierce said in his blog, in the contested environment, plan kills! Strategy works very much better than plans.

Henk Schram christmas wish the divx movie online says it well in his series of books, Revolutioniz, where he explains that most people fail to use the Law of Attraction night shift divx movie online man who would be king the dvd to their benefits due to their ignorance to other laws of nature.

Each and every laws of nature is connected and you will fail miserably if you can"t see the connection between them or only see one of them.

According to Henk in this book, Harness the Hidden Laws of The Universe, by trying to control the process on manifestation, we are actually disobeying the Law of Love.

If you disobey the laws of nature, you are not going to harmonize with the universe and that will fail your process of manifestation.

So, do not plan for how it comes to you. Your job is only to specify what you want and take massive action. Everything else will be arranged for you (including your hunches, ideas, etc.) if you obey all the laws of nature and are in alignment with the universe.

Happy Attracting!

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    • lisaq

      “Most people get it wrong. They do not define the end result. Instead, they specifically define the pathway of the manifestation.” This is so true raymond…i catch myself doing the same thing sometimes and have to remind myself to focus on the outcome…great reminder…thanks!

    • raymond

      Hi Lisaq,

      I’m glad that this article serves as a reminder and correction to you.

      I didn’t know about it until recently I read of the Revolutioniz books. It makes so much sense. :)

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