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After I watched The Secret for the first time, I was so excited. I shared the concept of the Law of Attraction with almost everybody I met. To my surprise, they do not get as excited as I do. Instead, they thought I was out of my mind.

Finally, I decided to gather a few children (7 to 10 years old), which are my students (I am a teacher) and began to teach them the concept of the Law of Attraction diary of a tired black man movie download frame of mind divx download moon zero two dvdrip

download moon and the stars the . I showed them The Secret video of how the young boy attracts the bicycle of his dream. I explained to them the concept of believe and the power of visualization.

They were amazed. I gave them some case studies and showed them some of the ways to apply the Law of Attraction in their “students” life. I asked them to go home and write out their goals and dreams on a piece of paper and read it out loud every morning and night. Obviously, children are better followers compare to adults.

On the next day, they showed me their list of goals. Those were long lists. The toys, the dolls, new stationeries, new bikes, robot model, go to beaches with their family, become a doctor, become a teacher, get flying color results in their examination and the lists go on.

It was a jaw-dropping experience to me. I picked some examples and have a live visualization session with them. I played the Attraction Accelerator audio as a background music. I asked them to imagine them playing with the dolls (their wish). Who are they going to play with? What are they going to say to their friends when they play with the dolls, feel the feeling of the whole process. Feel the color, feel the texture, feel the tone of the voice, and feel the joy and the fun. After playing with the dolls, how are they going to keep it? Where will they put it?

The whole session was great. They were confident that they were able to use the Law of Attraction effectively until one day one of the kid came to me and say …… (to be continue)

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    • Scott T.

      A fantastic insight project to gear children to continue using their imaginations after adulthood.

    • raymond

      Indeed. It’s always good to start from young. Their mind might not be so open when they reach their adulthood.

    • Liara Covert

      For those adults who weren’t introduced to the law of attraction as children, this doesn’t prevent the adults from opening themselves to the concept and benefits now. There’s a saying that goes: “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” but only the dog can decide what he is or isn’t willing to learn and when. Its not up to us to teach him. Its his prerogative to reach out and learn or not.

    • Raymond

      Correct Liara, other than “you can’t teach an old dog a new trick”, there is also a saying that goes, “It’s never too late to learn”.

      So it depends on which side they want to see it.

    • JARED

      Sure, you can’t teach old dogs a new trick. Fortunately, the law of attraction is not a new thing. It’s been here and even the old dog needs it to attract better treats !!!

    • raymond

      Hi Jared,

      Thanks for coming. Love to see you here.

      Your comment really make me smile :) You’ve got it!

    • lawyers flagstaff

      I agree with jared.. students are the futures of tomorrow… why teach those old junks who are gonna disagree and question about it…???

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