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One day, the kid came and told me that the Law of Attraction is not working anymore. I was shocked. I asked him why he said that.

He said he forgot to do his homework. He was afraid and began to use the Law of Attraction to distract the punishment. In his mind, he kept on thinking, “I don"t want to be caned by teacher.” His wish did not come true. He was caned by his teacher.

Oh, my pity boy. It was my bad. I have not told them the whole story. I gathered them in my house again. There are 2 lessons which I would like to teach them.

First lesson: Focus on what you want, not what you don"t want. The universe doesn"t care whether you want to get the punishment or not. As long as you think of the punishment, that"s what you"re going to get because you attract it. The universe only receives positive statements. It will filter out negative statements.

So instead of visualizing, “I don"t want to get punished my teacher”, try to visualize something positive such as, “My teacher is kind and love me so much. She will forgive good students like me.”

As you visualize, feel the kindness. Feel the love. By that, you will send out the wave of kindness and love to the universe. The universe will respond to the wave that you have sent out. You"ll attract more love and kindness into your life. The Law of Attraction is working and never fails.

The second lesson: All the wishes that we send out will not come true instantly. The universe needs time to rearrange itself to make your dreams come true without conflicting with other laws. Let"s say for example, if you"re in Australia and your parents are in Texas, US. You wish that you can see your parents in the next one hour. Will it be possible? If your parents just disappear from where they are and appear next to you, this will disobey the Law of Motion and the Law of Relativity.

Another example is, if you"re watching a movie and the movie is about war. In one of the scene, you see a bullet traveling at very high speed towards you and it is so real that you believe the bullet will hit you. The emotion is so intense. Will you materialize the thought

? Will you get shot in the next second? The answer is NO. The bullet would not come from no where and hit you. The universe needs time to rearrange everything in this world in proper order to materialize your thought.

Will the bullet hit you in the future? Well, NO, if you"re not thinking and feeling and visualize it consistently and persistently. That is why we need to visualize our goals as often as possible so that the universe will know that it is what we really want and not just junk thoughts.

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    • Liara Covert

      This article makes a good point. The universe needs time to rearrange itself in order to facilitate things. Just because you hope things will happen doesn’t mean they will. For example, you may think yuou desire something, and while the universe is rearranging things in your favor, you may subconsciously change your mind. Things don’t happen as fast as you might like. Remind yourself the universe works on its own pace.

    • raymond

      You’re right Liara

    • Chris

      Keep up the good work Raymond. We need more people like you to spread the word about The Secret Law of Attraction

    • Raymond

      You are right Chris. Let’s spread the words.

    • lawyers flagstaff

      law of attraction is new and need give tips on students..why teach those old junks.. because students are the futures of tomorrow.

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