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Hi folks, thanks for coming back for the part II of this article. If you have not read the part I, I suggest that you read it now before you proceed with this post.

After Liz shared with me what had befell her, I feel very sorry for her but I still have faith in the Law of Attraction.

Law of Attraction is working all the time and never fails whether you believe it or understand it or not.

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So, I try to chat with her about this matter. I found something very interesting in our conversation. She was actually hoping for “not having to work anymore”.

Yes! That’s the key! She hoped that she don"t have to work anymore when she was frustrated with her work. Sometimes she even said:

“I don"t want to enter this damn building anymore!”

“It"s much better if I stay at home and take good care of my kids”

“How I wish to quit”

Not only once but frequently.

She put the wrong wish out. She sent the wrong messages to the universe unintentionally. The universe does not care whether your thought is good or bad. All it does is manifest what you want basketball diaries the dvdrip .

She wished to quit the company and she wanted it so badly. She sent out the thought frequently and unintentionally and the universe rearranged itself to give her what she always wanted.

She was not aware of her thought. Thus, she attracted the wrong thing into her life.

I know that she didn"t wish or hope to get fired but she did send out the requests to “Not have to work”, “take care of her kids at home” and “quit the company”.

The universe will arrange the best event to manifest all her goals, which is making her boss, fired her. With this, Liz does not have to work anymore and able to take care of her kids.

So what do you think? Is the Law of Attraction a scam? Or you?

I believe in the Law of Attraction and it works all the time just like any other laws of natures.

Well, folks, please give me some opinions. Should I tell Liz about this? I"ll see you in the comment column.

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    • linncomel

      LOA Scam? .I dont think so..It is because of people, not because of LOA.

    • raymond

      Hi Linn,

      That’s right. Sometimes people do not look and study their pass action. In the end, they put all the blame to LOA but that won’t help anything.

    • Jeannette Maw

      Very true that MANY of us aren’t aware of what we’re actually vibrating. Me included.

      But you can always tell what you’re vibrating by what you’re getting. Which gives us a chance to clean it up.

      Had Liz paid closer attention to how she felt, she would have recognized those feelings of dread for going to work. Not a big mystery what you’re going to attract by vibrating “dread” or something similar.

      I’d suggest Liz’s best move now is to look at this as a blessing and a good reminder to pay attention to her emotional guidance system.

      Actually, that’s a good suggestion for all of us, in my opinion. :)

      Nice example, Ray.

    • zaki blogjer

      ohh, so this is the second part. It seems the consequence of bad thought is bad end result as well, even when she is not intent to be like that

    • Michael Donlan

      The Law of Attraction is real. Unfortunately, the new age movement has not fully explained it. Charles Haanel is considered to be the modern father of the Law of Attraction. In his book “The Master Key System” he explains how we must fix in our minds what we want. The part the new age teaching has forgotten is Haanel also explained the important of planning and working toward that wish. In fact, he pointed out that there are 1440 minutes in a day and the human body only needs 440 minutes to recover. So, you have 1000 minutes to provide “Massive action” toward your desires.

      There is a internet radio show on Tuesdays and Thursdays at where they are reviewing, chapter by chapter, The Master Key. You"re friend may benefit greatly from it. I know I have!

      I am reviewing the book THINK and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill (a student of Haanel) on my blog. Please come by and give me your thoughts on the subject.

    • raymond

      Hi Jeannette Maw,

      I agree with you. Liz should take this as a lesson and move forward to create a better future and not dwelling on the problem and blaming the Law of Attraction.

    • raymond

      That’s right Zaki,

      We have to be very cautious with out thought because thought become things. :)

    • raymond

      Hi Micheal,

      Thank you very much for sharing your thought and the link. I’m sure it will benefit all the readers here. :)

      The Master Key System is indeed a great reference for applying the Law of Attraction.

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    • James – Visualized.Feel.Abundance

      Hey Raymond,

      In your last post I offered that she did attract her retrenchment. So looks like it’s true :P

      If she had been thinking that her job sucks and she would like to quit. It is very easy to turn those thoughts into action and it definitely will affect her performance at work. When her company chooses to retrench a high paying staff, the one with the least value will be retrenched. Unfortunately for Liz, it happens to be her.

      If she had been positive at work, knowing the company was in poor financial health and she doesn’t want to be retrench, she could have

      a) Look for a new job; or
      b) Work to deliver values over and beyond her pay so when management decides to retrench someone, it will not likely be her.

      Law of Attraction exist regardless of our beliefs. Just to share with your readers, this is the way I define LOA:

      “Law of Attraction is nothing but the reflection of ourselves! What you think, you become. It is without prejudice and it does not know the difference between a positive and a negative thought. It reflects what you are thinking and helps you attract whatever you are doing.”

      Good Day to you!


      PS: lol, thanks for you comment over at our post :P

    • raymond

      Hi James,

      Again, I agree with you.

      Present result is the mirror to our past action.

    • Michael

      What it comes down too is life is what you make of it. I you wish to construct an argument in your mind that things are a certain way and choose to blame your problems on someone else then , that’s what life will hand you . I think that Liz got stuck in a pattern of thinking and was so focus on it that she wasn’t able to function in the environment. Life may hand you some challenges it’s not the foul-up that is important as much as the recovery.

    • raymond

      Hi Michael,

      I did have that kind of thinking habit but thank god it’s all over now.

      The Secret movie really change my life. It brings my thinking to the next level. :)

    • Benjamin

      Sounds so fantastic to be able to shape your own future just by thinking of it.. but I guess through your thoughts you take action, and you reap what you sow.

    • raymond

      Hi Benjamin,

      It’s the thought that creates the action.

      If a person takes no action, then, he or she may have the wrong thought. :)

    • Andrew

      There is no law of attraction.
      How crazy ARE you people?

      This is vibrant controlled insanity. Please wake up to yourselves, you are wasting your only life on delusions.

    • Bob

      Thoughts create our feelings and our feelings drive our actions. It is as simple as that. You tend to put your actions toward what you focus on the most. Actions produce results. Always have and always will. Get your mind headed in the right direction and your body will follow.
      It is not a secret!
      Sitting on your couch looking at a picture of yacht and dream home will not produce it. I don’t care how many times a day you do that. Get off your butt and gain then knowledge to increase your income and buy it!

      The Secret is a success because of marketing efforts, promotion, advertising, websites, etc. The work made it a success, not the thoughts.

    • raymond

      Hi Bob,

      You’re right. Visualizing the dreams alone is not enough to materialize them but it certainly helps in the process of attraction.

      For example, if a person is trying to apply a loan and get his loan approved, he still need to fill up the forms, photocopy the required documents and submit the application (action).

      Visualization and belief, on the other hand, helps to drive up the chance of approval.

      Visualization and action work together to materialize your dream and should not be seen as two separate entities.

      That’s my opinion. :)

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