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It was a beautiful morning. I forced myself to get out of bed to prepare myself to go to work. I head straight to the bathroom. After got my face washed, my teeth brushed and showered, I went to change.

When I got downstairs, my husband and kids were already there waiting for me for the morning breakfast prepared by Sarah, our kind and loyal maid.

We had a short chat and some laugh on the breakfast table. The chirping sound of the birds really enhanced my day. As usual, after my husband had sent our kids to school, he"ll drop me to my workplace before he go to his office.

All I can say is that I have a wonderful life. Everything was perfect until I reach my office. I can sense that something was wrong but I don"t know what that was.

The facial expression of my colleagues looked different. What"s wrong? Without bothering much on their expression, I headed straight to my desk and do my work as usual. However, the weird atmosphere is still playing in my head. What the hell is going on? 42nd street movie

Just right after I open the file to do my work, the telephone rang. It was from my superior. I was called to his office. I began to smell some rats. It didn"t feel right. It seemed like the whole world had gone wrong. What Is The matter? Everything was fine and beautiful until I reached my office.

I made my move towards my superior"s office. I knocked the door and waited for his reply before I got in. Then the conversation began.

“Liz, (not the real name) you have been working with this company for 12 years and you have done a very good job all this while. As you have known, the financial status of our company has not been very good since last year. Therefore, we have decided to downsize the operation of our company. After the discussion with the managers, we have agreed to let you go as you are one of the highest paid staffs in this company.”

I burst in tears. I couldn"t believe what I have just heard. I was speechless. I didn"t know what else to say. The he continued.

“I"m sorry you have to go through this. As you know, the decision is not in my hand. I hope that you can get a better job in the future and … All the best!”

The rest is history.

I couldn"t believe what had happened to me. I am damn sure that I never attract this into my life. Why does it happen to me?

The Law of Attraction is a scam! It is not true! It is a big lie!

——– end of story ——–

Well, this is a really sad story of one of my friends in California. What is your opinion towards her statement?

“The Law of Attraction is a scam! It is not true! It is a big lie!

watch man on wire in divx ”

I"ll continue the story tomorrow just to give you some time to share your thoughts in the comment"s space.savages the download

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    • zaki blogjer

      Huh, scam?? aahh, ok, I’ll wait your next post before I give my comment.

    • raymond

      Stay tune! :)

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    • Sunny Rivers

      The law of attraction is based on universal principles, just like the law of gravity. It is constantly working, whether we agree with it or not. The proof? “Stuff” is constantly happening to us. Change the way you see things, and think about them, and so changes the type of “stuff” that happens.

      Unfortunately, it is a system that most of us know little about. This is how we should be raised as children, but instead, we are usually given a set of negative instructions that influence our entire lives.

      Being open-minded enough to research the principles and try some new thinking and new habits becomes an incredible journey!

      One little clue – what we are emotionally attached to is what we attract. Most of us are far more emotional about what we don’t want than what we do want.

      Thanks for the opportunity to voice an opinion.

      Sunny Rivers

    • raymond

      Hi Sunny,

      I have to agree with you. We think it the same way. :)

    • James – Visualized.Feel.Abundance

      Hey Raymond,

      Nice story and one typically you can find in our modern working life. I have not read your part 2 yet, reading it later but I would like to offer a controversial opinion and that is Liz did attract her retrenchment!

      I offer this opinion based on 2 things, she worked hard to get her pay (one of the highest pay) but her company was looking to cut cost by retrenching one of the highest paid! Hence, though controversial, it is true that she attracted it.


    • raymond

      Hi James,

      Nice to see you here. You have a great blog.

      Indeed. The Law of Attraction never fails. I don’t have any doubt to it. Part two will give the whole picture. :)

    • lyx

      Applying LOA is not as easy as some people might think. In fact most of us have been conditioned by the media and the school system not to think for themselves too much for years and years. So how come we that one should be able to master LOA after just having read a book.

    • raymond

      Hi Lyx,

      Whether you think it is easy or hard, you are right.

    • Ruschel Estuaria

      The comment of Sunny river is really right, the law of attraction in life is all part of our life. We are subject to feel those pains and regrets.

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