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Yesterday, I shared with you about one of the common mistakes made by most of the people (including me) while using the Law of Attraction x men the last stand download .

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It all boils down to one word, “Flexibility

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That’s right, you must be flexible to the way it (your goal) comes to you because that will help to accelerate the process of your manifestation.

Talking about flexibility, here’s an amazing video that shows you some flexibility.

Next time, when you think of this video clip, remember the common mistake that you should avoid. defending your life dvd

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    • Colema Board

      That looks crazy to me!

      I just came back from China and watched Shao Lin monk perform their “tong zi gong”- the martial art that allows them to bend their body to extreme but never can have sex in their life time.

      This woman is doing better than him. Gosh!

    • raymond

      Hi Colema Board,

      “but never can have sex in their life time.”

      That’s the price that pay.

      This woman is absolutely amazing. There are certain points where I got confuse (I can’t really tell which’s her legs and arms) :)

    • Colema Board

      Ha… Same here.

      With her dressing that looks like snake skin, she looks like a snake to me.

    • raymond

      Snake with limbs. :P

    • Dining Room Tables

      Sorry Raymond, I seem to have missed this one till just a while ago.
      This is simply mind blowing. Fantastic flexibility. This is possible due to training from childhood.

    • raymond

      No problem, Dining Room Tables.

      Yeah, even though she is gifted, but I truly believe that it involves a lot of hard work and training.

    • Personal Development Blog

      Re: being flexible.. That is key in the success of allowing what will come to you to come to you. Your job is only to be clear about what you want, and be unconditionally responsible for claiming what you want. Your job is not determining HOW it will come to you. Allow your intuition to guide you in doing what it is that is required to get what you want, and it will come easily. (that is also another important key….Listening to your intuition!)

    • raymond

      Hi Personal development blog,

      Thanks for pointing that out. My intuition is my good teacher and a great mentor. :)

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