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After a few days of hard work. I decided to take a day out and relax my mind. The first thing that came into my mind is “Spiderman 3″. Well, perhaps I can spend some time watching it.

While watching the movie in the cinema, a part of the story line caught my attention. It’s when the black alien stuffs stick on Spiderman’s costume. It turns him into a bad person. Since then, everything goes wrong. The longer he gets together with the black alien molecule, the harder it is for Spiderman to get rid of it. However, once he got this ‘thing’ out of his body, everything’s changed. He appears to be a good guy again.

Now, what all these have to do with the Law of Attraction

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. The ‘black alien stuff’ is just like a negative thought in our mind. Once we implement it within us, conciously or unconciously, it begins to send the negative wave of thought to the universe and the universe will manifest whatever we’re thinking.

When we’re thinking of something negative (the black stuff) such as taking revenge, hatred, jealousy … etc, we’re drawing more of the negative events. We attract more people to avenge us. We attract more people to hate us. Many times, we’re wondering why all these happen to us. We don’t know that we have unconciously attract all these events.

The longer we have these negative thoughts dwell in our mind, the harder it is for us to get rid of it. The negative thought begins to bond and coordinate with our body just like the “black stuff”

Now, the question is, how can you turn all these around?

The answer is very obvious. Do what Spiderman did. He tore off his black costume and replaced it with the red and blue costume (original version) which everybody loves, respects, salute and excited about.

It’s the same for us. What we can do is we rip off the negative thought within us and replace it with the positive thought i.e. love, gratitude, respect, feel good, contented etc.

You know what happen when spiderman change his black costume to his red costume? Yes, he begins to feel better. His mindset changed. He begins to feel the love, the gratitude and the respect. He drops his revenge, he starts to forgive others and you know what?

He begins to launch the positive wave of thought

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to the universe and the universe responds to his thought. As a result more and more good things come to his life. He gains back his respect, love and his best friends.

Do you see how the Law of Attraction work? When we make a simple change in our mind and in our thought, we change our destiny. We change our future. With a simple shift of emotion, we can make a huge differences.

Like Spiderman always says, “We always have a choice”

So, what is your choice? Have you choose to be positive?

See you in the next post.

P.S. If you have any stories, suggestion or feedback to share. Please post it in the comment column. I’d love to hear from you.material girls divx movie onlineleviathan divx online

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    • Amit

      Hey Raymond,

      When I saw Spiderman 3 I was thinking the exact same thing too!


    • raymond

      Hi Amit,

      Looks like, ‘like really attracts like’
      We’re attracting to each other.

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      I don’t skills need to I offer you with thanks! i am altogether appalled by your article. You saved my time. Thanks 1,000,000 for sharing this text.

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