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You are what you think. Who you are today is the result of your past thoughts, actions and feelings.

I know that you have heard this thousands of times but trust me, it worth repeating. I can’t stress enough how important this is and it surely has to do with a law that I want to share with you today which is the Law of Displacement.

If you are satisfy with your life today, congratulation! You are envied by more than 90 of the population in this planet. It’s your creation.

However, if you are not satisfy with your life today (it could be you are in the middle of some financial challenge, not in a good shape, physically, emotionally and spiritually, often in dilemma and so on) then, I’m sorry to say that it’s your creation too.

It comes from what you do in the past and you may not be able to figure it out because most of them are operating at your subconscious level. (believe it or not)

So, if your life is not in a good shape, then the next thing you may want to consider to do is, to change it!

That’s not super hard to understand, huh but the major road block is “how to change it?”

One of the statements I often hear is, “I tried to think positively but I seem to get nowhere”

Well, what I can say to that statement is, you must have put the cart before the horse. You did it the wrong way in the wrong sequence.

This is where the Law of Displacement free single white female stay alive free download comes in. The Law of Displacement says that, two things can not occupy the same space at the same time.

It’s a law of nature and all I can say is that it’s a common sense.

Let’s get further into it. If your life is not in a good shape, then it is very likely that your mind is full of negative thoughts or at least has some negative thoughts in it.

What happens if you try to pour something into a container that is already full? It overflows!

The same goes to your mind. If you pour positive thoughts into a mind full of negative thoughts, chances are the positive thoughts will overflow and none of the gets into the mind. Why? Because 2 things cannot occupy the same space at the same time. That’s the Law of Displacement short circuit movie .

So, in order to pour in the empowering thoughts into your mind, you must first get the disempowering thoughts OUT! Eliminate them! Clear them out!

Then, only there’s vacant space for the empowering thoughts. Most people force the empowering thoughts into the mind without first making room for them.

By the time you displace all the disempowering thought with the empowering one, you begin to see how your life change (in a good way)

The Law of Attraction begins to befriend you. It begins to bring you the best instead of the worst. You are the creator and the Law of Attraction is just your tool. You determine how to use it and you absolutely have all the control over it. What do you think? Share your thought with me!adventures of pluto nash the divx download

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    • linn

      Thank you Raymond, very good info about law of displacement. Thnaks again

    • raymond

      You’re very welcome, Linn. :)

    • Land Projects UK

      Right, what we are right now at the present is the product of the decisions and choices that we made in our lives. But we have all the time and chances to shape or change our lives the way we wanted it to be. Thanks for sharing about Law of Displacement. :)

    • raymond

      Hi Land Project UK,

      Thanks for the comment. :)

      The destiny is in our hands.

    • Polina

      Hi! it is a really great observation, people learn physics and math at school and don’t understand that the things they learn happen in their everyday life; that no thing comes from nowhere and goes into nowhere. All we get is a result of what we do (or don’t do). Let’s make the bad thoughts out and some good thoughts in:)

    • raymond

      Hi Polina,

      Physics is the studies of natural phenomena.

      Thus, all the laws of physics is equivalent to the laws of nature (including the Law of Attraction)

      But, like you said, most people just don’t see the relation. :)

    • Tan Hai Liang

      Hi Raymond,

      This is a good article. Your example of the full cup helps me to think about my own head!

      I’m trying to train myself to avoid negative thoughts in my mind and think positively instead.

      How do you remove the disempowering thoughts from my mind before putting positive thoughts in it?

      Thanks for your sharing.

    • raymond

      Hi Tan Hai Liang,

      It’s simple. See all the goodness in everything. Change your perspective.

      When you try to do something and it is not working, see it as a discovery instead of a failure.

      You have just discovered a way of ‘not to do it’.

      That’s what I mean.

      If you can understand Malay language, you can read it further here

    • Tan Hai Liang

      Hi Raymond,

      Thanks for your tips. I do appreciate it. I have just recently been trying to do what I have been reading and also your suggestion as well. But I suppose I’m too full of negativity so it takes some time to remove the “bad stuff”.

      Some times it’s difficult to control yourself and easy to return to the dark side again…but striving is what we must do, right?

      Will strengthen and deepen my knowledge here. Keep up the posts!

      Hai Liang

    • raymond

      Hi Hai Liang,

      “Difficult” is a negative words. It blocks the empowering thoughts and possibilities from entering your mind.

      I wish you all the success. :)

    • womens cufflinks

      Actually, it isn’t that simple. How do we define ‘positve’ or ‘negative’ thoughts? Of course generalized ones are simple, but all positive thoughts are good, or all negative thoughts are bad. A good balance between the both is better, in my opinion.

    • Hai Liang

      Hi Raymond,

      Yes you are right…must be mindful of my thoughts and words as well :-).


      Hai Liang

    • raymond

      You’re welcome, Hai Liang.

      I remind myself from time to time too. :)

    • coral Snake

      wow it’s amazing how you can use physics and compare it to real life troubles etc. It’s a good way to look at things though … like you can’t just expect to change unless you clear out all the bad habits … ( its like you want to lose weight, but you cant say .. ok i am going to exercise, unless you decide to quit smoking and quit the fast food trips too …

    • raymond

      Hi Coral Snake,

      Physics is the studies of nature and we are all part of the nature.

      So, Physics is applicable to all areas of our lives. :)

    • Harry Brown

      Looks like this “Robin Hood” movie would be a great movie to watch just like the movie about King Arthur.”`~

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