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What he replied me has blown me away. He told me that it is not time yet and he need to wait for the horoscope stars to give him some good signs.

You have no idea how badly I want to share with him about the Law of Attraction and how to make it work to turn his life around. Sadly, he does not have an access to the internet connection.

Now you know why he is still struggling in his life?

Disclaimer: I am not trying to be-little my friend here but I"ll rather take this as a case study.

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If you see at the perspective of the Law of Attraction, you will see that he is attracting what he does not want into his life. download yes man movie

He is sending negative thoughts to the universe. He feels bad in every way. He feels that all the bad things are happening to him and god has not been treated him well.

He believes that his luck has been destined and there is nothing could be done. Guess what the universe says? “Your wish is my command”

He asks the universe for things he doesn"t want by sending negative thoughts. He supported the thoughts with intense negative emotions such as hatred, depression, stress, anxiety and fear.

He believes these bad things are happening and will continue to befall him. He has strong faith that his feeling is true. Thus, he attracts all the things that he doesn"t want by distracting the things and events that he wants.

If he keeps on think

what he always think and feel what he always feel, I dare to bet that he is going to get the same thing.

Law of Attraction doesn"t care whether you think something good or something bad. It will just manifest exactly what you think and feel about.

What if he changes his thought?

If he think positively, sees all the goodness in everything, feels good all the time, visualizing watch x men in divx the life he has always wanted consistently, create a vision board and be grateful of what he already have, I am sure that his life will change into a magical life admired by many people.

Only if he understands how powerful the Law of Attraction is. I"m sure this law will blow his mind. How do I know? Because I attract it! I will make him understand and change his life.

If you have friends, family or relatives who have this kind of mindset, please recommend them to visit my blog regularly. I am confident that the content in this blog will change their thought and thus change their lives. Thank you in advance for all the kindness.

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    • Liara Covert

      Sometimes a change of scenery can be most welcomed. Apparent inconveniences do not prevent you from enjoying an adventure of the spirit. People can have a strange anonymity about them, and cause pivotal transformation in your life. Each choice you make contributes to a kind of glorified map. Learning to discern where you go and where you’ve come from has potential to positively affect your life.

    • raymond

      Right, stucking in the same scenery will be bored. It is changes that makes things look fresh and beautiful.

    • Meredian Credit Union

      it is a nice story but yea stucking in the same scenery is really boring..

    • raymond

      Thanks for your comment, Meridian. :)

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