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Law of Distraction

July 15, 2007 | 9 Comments

I received an SMS few weeks ago. It was from a friend of mine. It begins with some greetings like “How are you?” and things like that. Sure enough, I replied back with things like “Hey! How are you? I"m feeling great. Now and always”

Then he told me that he had some problems to share with me. As usual, I"m ready to lend my ears and see how I can help him.

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He began by complaining that his wages is too low and he was thinking of changing his job. The problem is he did not know which job suits him best. He said that he is financially tight and he is in dilemma between interest and salary. He asked me which one I would choose between interest and paycheck.

Here"s what I told him, “If you do not feel good with your current job, why don"t you try to find some other better job that suits you better. You don"t have to give up your current job immediately, but meantime, you can always hunt for other job that you are interested in, and provide you with the salary you can accept.

I believe that we always have choices. Why want to choose when you can have both. Don"t limit yourself.”

He replied, “I know it ain"t easy. Need some luck too. Not many find their own sky, you know what I mean? Not many doing what they like and I am losing my enthusiastic towards my current job.”

(I begin to sense a lot of negativities and began to build a firewall to block those negative thoughts)

“You haven"t even tried yet. We can not prove what we can not do. We only can prove what we can do. Believe in yourself. Visualize what you want to do and where you want to be. I can guarantee that your dreams will come true.” I advised him

You know what he said next? What he replied me really made me speechless …

I"ll tell you in the next post…

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Meanwhile, you are very welcome to post your comments to share with us what you think. Thank you.

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    • Ken Triat

      Interestion post. I can relate to the issue of not being to understand the detail of how the law of attraction can provide for all of our needs. I’m still learning about the issue. I look forward to your next post.

    • Nicholas Ho

      We always have a choice in doing things. There is no dead end road if you believe you can do it, with the help of law of attraction. Good post.

    • raymond

      Hi Nicholas and Ken. Thanks for visiting. Gald to see you guys here.

    • zool

      Yes.. I agree.. DO some side income but not quit job until your income stable..
      Coz we dunno what will happen next…
      nice blog, raymond…

    • raymond

      Hi Zool, thanks for the comment. Hope to see you more frequently here.

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    • Liara Covert

      As people learn to focus on benefits in where they are, whatever they’re doing, they will also grow to recognize where doors of new opportunity open. We all have lessons to learn. Keeping an open mind makes it more likely we’ll pass each sequential test and earn what it requires to move on, wherever that is meant to be. Not all movement is only up or down. We can move in so many different directions. Perception can be stretched.

    • raymond

      Hi Liara. Good to see you here again. Haven’t see you for few days. You must have been busy with your work.

      “Not all movement is only up and down. We can move in so many different directions.”

      I like that phrase. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    • Todd

      A great story. Looking forward to the rest of it. It seems you have many tools at your disposal. The Law of Attraction can seem overwhelming at times. It is great to see you working towards helping people achieve that.

      You might also be interested in speaking on our Tele-Seminar series. Get in touch with me.


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