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I was first introduced to the Law of Entrainment by T Harv Eker, the master of attracting money and wealth with the Law of Attraction death ride aka haunted highway divx through one of his audio interviews.

Harv said that the Law of Attraction nanny diaries the divx is an understanding of energy. Our thoughts are energy. Energy travels in form of vibration and every vibration is energy.

Which means the Law of Attraction is very much like the Law of Entrainment.

Law of Entrainment said that when 2 objects vibrate at the same level of vibration, in the end, they will produce a coherent vibration.

Let me give you an example.

If you put 2 metronomes, side by side, say, on a piano and you start one metronome from the left and the other from the right, they will begin to swing at different direction.

However, within 24 hours, their swing will be identical. That’s the Law of Entrainment.

Another example will be women’s menstrual cycle.

If 2 women who have different menstrual cycles stay together, after a couple of months, most probably, they will have the same menstrual cycle. That’s the Law of Entrainment.

The Law of Entrainment is very much like the Law of Attraction.

Now, let’s see what the Law of Entrainment can do for you.

If you are a positive person, you have a clear goal, you visualize your goal and most importantly, you take the right action, you are actually entraining the result to match your doing.

On the other hand, if you are a negative person, who thinks negatively, a procrastinator, an excuse generator, then, you’ll entrain the result to match the negative action you have taken.

So, whatever result you want in your life, make your choice and take the proper action to get the result you desire

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    • Melody Campbell, The Small Business Guru

      I’ve always recognized the syncronization for the women’s mentrual cycle but didn’t associate it with the Law of Entrainment. You solved a mystery for me!

      It’s really important to keep these laws in mind during the gestation period as your goal is “birthing”. Many individuals lose site of these immutable laws, when behind the scenes the Laws of the Universe are at work on their behalf and give up too soon.

      Melody Campbell
      Inspiration Consultant

    • Attraction Guy

      Wow! This law looks great and still new to me. However, it makes lots of sense to me and I believe its power too.

      That’s awesome Raymond. I’m thinking of sharing this at my blog too. Do you mind if I send a trackback here?

    • raymond

      Hi Melody,

      Part of it is due to the hormone interaction too. It helps to entrain the cycle.

      Most people give up when they can’t see the result instantly.

    • raymond

      Hi Attraction Guy,

      Why would I mind a trackback from you? I love it. :)

    • Nina Amir

      I love the fact that you mention that it takes 24 hours fo rthe metronomes to get in synch and a few months for women’s cycles to correspond. It can take quite a while for thoughts to energetically line up so that we see the physical manifestation of what we desire begin to appear in our lives even in the form of opportunities for us to take advantage of. People expect to simple combine thought and feeling and to suddenly have that car they’ve been focused upon attracting. LOA is a process just like most things. Sometimes it happens quickly. Once I manifest a horse, of all things, in just under 7 days. It usually takes longer than that, though, and, as mentioned once before, sometimes we still have to take more action than simply focusing our thoughts and combining them with feelings. Sometimes we have to do something or take advantage of those opportunities that show up. Entrainment can take more than a week, a month…we have to let the synchronization happen over time and be patient.

      Nina Amir
      Kabbalistic Conscious Creation Coach

    • raymond

      Hi Nina,

      Absolutely. We must give the universe some time to get all the vibration in alignment.

      The Law of Attraction doesn’t work alone. It has to obeys other laws of nature too. Otherwise, the world would be in a great mess. :)

    • Melody Campbell, The Small Business Guru

      Here I am again…

      I was really intrigued by this post and began to do some research on the topic of entrainment and I found this very cool video on YouTube –


    • raymond

      Hi Melody,

      Thanks for sharing the video. I’ll post it in my coming post. :)

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    • Polina

      It is very much alike the sentence I have heard from Chinese qi-gong master – your energy is where your though is, i.e. if you think of your goal, you attract energy to work on reaching this goal.

    • Top Rated

      Yes, I agree. Kind of like attracts like. It’s kind of like, if you want to be successful in a certain endeavor, you need to associate with others that have achieved the same goals.

    • raymond

      Hi Polina,

      Yes, it’s pretty much the same thing. :)

    • raymond

      Hi Top Rated,

      That’s why successful people often hang around with other successful people. :)

      They entrain each other towards their success.

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