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Since he wanted it so badly, I shared with him how I use the Attraction Accelerator as my visualization tool which performs so many wonders in my life. free rocky v movie download

Adam has been applying the Law of attraction in his life unconsciously. I was amazed that he can get it so close to his life and don’t even know about it. It is just like the gravity. It exists all the time but nobody realizes it until Sir Isaac Newton discovered it and called it “gravity”.

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Since Adam unconsciously visualized his dream, the doors of opportunities open to him. People come to him and make friends with him almost everyday.

His dreams come true and yet he doesn"t know where they are coming from. If we study carefully, Adam is actually following the 3 steps process which is: free how the garcia girls spent their summer

1. league of their own a free Ask

2. Believe

3. Receive

He doesn"t even have a vision board. All he does is visualize, visualize and visualize.

When we need something badly, the universe will deliver them to us. As the saying goes “Ask and you shall receive”. How true is that?

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Let’s end today’s post with a short video of Cat and Crow Strange Friendship. Enjoy!

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