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Adam WAS a lonely guy. He watched TV alone. He took his breakfast, lunch and dinner alone. He walked alone. He laughed alone. He stayed alone. Whatever he did, he seemed to be alone.

He was getting more and more frustrated with his life. He decided to make a massive change in his life. He was so desperate to have friends to hang around. He felt jealous whenever he saw people hanging out with friends.

Since the day, he changed his thought. Whenever he saw people hanging out with friends, he will say “Bless You” in his heart. He began to join some online social communities such as My Space and Friendster.

He needed friends so badly that sometimes he visualized himself talking to his friends he created in his mind. It happened to be so real that he himself did not realize it. It happened automatically that he thought that it was a dream.

He began to worry for himself. He thought that he had gone mad. He wonders why he had all those hallucination (actually it is visualization).

What happened after 3 weeks was absolutely a miracle. He got more friends that he could ever imagine. He receives tons of phone calls everyday from his new friends.

They call to say “hi” to him, share their problems, ask him out … etc.

His life changed. What happen in the reality is exactly the same with what he visualized 3 weeks ago. The conversation, the clothes that his friends wear, their look and the environment are all the same with what was in his mind. It was like a “replay”.

He was shocked and confused. How could this be?

Now, he couldn"t differentiate what is reality and what is imagination anymore.

Yes, he is happy with his life now and he feels grateful for this enormous gift he received from god. But there is still one thing that keeps on bugging him, which is, “How could this be?”

The mystery remains unsolved until he met me the other day.

I asked him, “Have you watched The Secret?”

“What secret

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? What is that?” he replied.

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My next explanation solves all the mysteries in his life. He was blown away by the concept of the Law of Attraction and keep on asking me for more. I can see the hunger in his eyes.

He left me no choice. It seems like I have to tell him my secret weapon

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Watch out for the next post …

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    • Liara Covert

      Aspects of life don’t have to be understood. Yet, the impetus to redefine what living means, to change from within, is always there. Each of us can always learn more about ourselves, recognize what we really want, if we choose to take the plunge.

    • raymond

      Well said, Liara.

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    • Aldian Prakoso

      Thanks for the great sharing Raymond.

    • raymond

      You’re always welcome. :P

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