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Law of Vacuumization

August 6, 2007 | 6 Comments

We all know that whenever there is an empty space or vacuum, the nature will fill it with something else in order to maintain the balance of the universe.

If you siphon out some water from an aquarium, do you think there"s a gap or vacuum in the water? Of course not! The water from the surrounding will flow and fill in the empty space immediately. free dead set movie download

We don"t have to control the flow of the water. It just happens naturally. The universe does this with zero effort because it is one of the laws of nature.

What if you are trying to blow some air in the bottle? Do you think the air will go in? No, because it is already full in the bottle. Some air from the bottle needs to flow out if you want to blow in some “external” air. Make sense?

So, the conclusions from these experiments are:

1. Nature will fill in vacuum with something else in order to restore the balance of a system.

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2. You can not fill in the space that has been filled with something else unless you displace the matter in the space.

Ok, now, my favorite question. What do all these have to do with us or our lives?

Think of your mind as a space and think of your goals and dreams as vacuum.

Mind = Space

Goals and dreams = Vacuum

I associate mind with space because we can imagine literally anything from our mind. Even something that does not exist. We can create a virtual world out of nothing from our mind. We have enormous space in our mind to play with our imagination.

I relate our dreams and goals with vacuum because it is nothing but our imagination. It is something that has not come true yet and we need to fill it with reality.

I"m pretty sure that you have a lot of things you need achieve in your life. In order to attain the successes, you must have your dreams and goals, which are the vacuum so that the universe or the nature will fill in the empty space or the vacuum in your mind.

Yes! We create our own vacuum and we can create it as many or as huge as we want because we can expand our mind to whatever size we want.

If you have no goal or dreams in your life (which means no empty space), there will be no space for the universe to fill in “something” for you. That is why the dreams and goals are so important in the process of attraction.

That is why in the Law of Attraction

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, we are asked to ask, believe and receive in order to attract whatever we want into our lives.

When we ASK amusement movie download download bustin down the door , we are actually creating a vacuum in our mind and we tell the universe what we want to fill the vacuum with. You don"t want the universe to simply fill the empty space with “anything”. You want the universe to fill it with something that you really really want.

That is the reason why you need to tell the universe what you really want so that the universe is clear of your wants and needs and not give you something you don"t want.

Next is BELIEVE. We must believe that it will happen or even better, believe that it is already achieved because the faith will accelerate the process of your attraction. How?

Back to the first experiment. When you believe that it is true even it doesn"t in the reality, you are actually creating a gap between your imagination and the reality. The gap is the vacuum and according to the laws of nature the universe will bridge the gap and join the imagination with the reality together by manifesting your goals.

Finally, when the goals or dreams have been manifested, remember to RECEIVE and feel grateful for what you have achieved. By feeling grateful, you will attract more of the grateful events into your life.

To learn more about Law of Attraction, get my Attraction Accelerator report for FREE.

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    • Heather Masson

      This is a really good analogy Raymond…

      It’s so important to have dreams and goals and to keep them fresh in your mind. I like to get up atleast an hour before everyone else in my house. That is my quiet time to dream, plan and be grateful.

      When I’m able to do this, things just seem to run smoothly.

    • zaki blogjer

      Nice post. I like to ask questions. How about information over loaded?

      We can have multiple information relatively same kept in our brain and use it accordingly?

    • raymond

      Wow Heather, you got a very good discipline. I’m glad that you can make it consistently.

      I’m still learning to wake up early with good emotions. Usually, I sleep until I wake up naturally :)

    • raymond

      Hi Zaki,

      What a good question. Your question reminds me of a piece of advice from my mentor, Stephen Pierce.

      “… You see, the issue is NOT an overabundance of information, it’s more of a systems issue in being able to manage information…” – Stephen Pierce

      He believes that information overload is a problem rise from the lacking of a proper system.

      Don’t worry, Zaki. You are not alone. I’m still learning to organize my information.

      Here are some more phrases I picked from Stephen Pierce:

      “Would Warren Buffet ever say “that’s too much information on that company I’m considering investing in?”

      No way.

      Why is that?

      Because information the “heart beat” of strategic advantage and being competitive.

      I hope that helps to answer your question.

    • zaki blogjer

      well, you answer is right. No information overloaded as long as we manage it properly. Furthermore, information is a piece of weapon for those who knew using it

    • raymond

      You’ve got it Zaki :)

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