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When thing happens, we always have a choice. We can choose to see it as a good event or a bad event.

If you have read my post 3 days ago, you will see that a lot of things happen by default that there is no good or bad in it. It is you who label it as good or bad.

A positive thinking people may view a half-glass water as half full while the negative thinking people may see it as half empty.

You get the point?

Two different people looking at the same glass of water and they have 2 different opinions or conclusion.

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Dr. Joe Vitale wrote about San Diego Fires download assassination bureau the online on his blog back in October 26th. He didn"t make any direct comment on how or why his friends such as John Assaraf, James Ray and Lisa Nichols escape from the fires.

Surprisingly some of the readers respond with various emotions such as anger, sympathy and so on. Some even related it to luck! You can read more about it here


Here"s what I want to point out:

I met a friend who is a negative thinking guy but he thinks that he is a “positive thinker”. Well, how can you be sure if you have a positive thinking or a negative thinking?

One of the ways is to be aware of your respond to a situation or event. When things happen, what is the first thought that come into your mind?

For example, if your car broke down, what is your first respond?

Be happy that it may have saved you from a possible road accident?

It"s time to change a new car?

An opportunity to learn how to repair your car?

An opportunity to learn how to solve a problem?


Get frustrated and kick your car and hurt your leg?

Cry over it?

… You name the rest …

Let your respond to make you know yourself better.

Bear in mind that the Law of Attraction

is always in action. What you are feeling right now is going to determine what you will get later.

So, be very careful of your thinking. I can make you and it can also destroy you.

Speak soon.

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    • Rose

      Hi Raymond,
      Thanks for this post, yes, I agree we always have a choice so why not choose to be positive and try very best ignore all the negative thought. Okay, thanks again. Hey, I will be very busy these few days due to holiday, holiday, holiday. Will try correspond your post through other channel. Take care.

    • raymond

      Hi Rose,

      There are always both sides of everything. Surprisingly, most people do not see the positive site.

      I hope that you can find the joy while you are busy with your work. :)

    • Rose

      Hi Raymond,
      At time it is not that people do not see the positive site it is just that they don’t understand I talk base on my experiences meeting people some find it hard to comprehend they don’t know the effect it has on healthy living, being joyous, interacting with the commmunity. This just my opinion just another comment. Thanks I always try to find joy in my work but when I’m down I pretend to be happy just to trick the mind. Most of time I switch to beautiful song like now while typing wanna know will forward you. I think you heard it before. Check your mail then. Thanks again, I always stumble upon you from one blog to another with all those good saying and advise not forgetting jokes and I thank you and to all blogger they are good indeed and full of ideas. Okay, be seeing you again, take care. Have a nice and great day always,

    • raymond

      Hi Rose,

      Wow! I never knew that you are using stumble upon as well. That’s really nice of you. Thank you. :)

      Music us one of the simplest ways to switch our emotions. It’s good that you use that. So powerful!

    • shy guy

      Yes.. It is about our minds.. How we react after something happen..
      DOn’t just push but always thinking what positive and negative your action…

    • raymond

      Hi Shy Guy,

      It all begins from the end of our mind.
      That’s right, It’s how we react!

      Welcome to Law of Attraction’s blog and I’m looking forward to see you again. :)

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