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I’m sure that you have read yesterdays post about Monday Blues and how I got it affect myself even though I work from the comfort of my home and I love what I do very much.

It’s quite an amazing experience to me.

Now, let’s look at the other side of the coin. If we can be programmed so easily, why not we use the same technique to program our mind to think positively, to enhance all the areas of our lives such as love, career, spiritual, business, relationship, health … etc.

All you have to do is to repeat the same thing into your mind over and over again, just like what the radio did to me.

After some time, your sub-conscious mind will make you believe that its real and when you have a strong believe, it literally accelerate you to life of your dream with the power of the Law of Attraction.

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Here are some of the methods I use.

Method #1

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– Write the affirmation on a piece of paper, paste it on the wall on my bedroom where I can see it easily, everyday and read it out loud at least once a day. (I have some extra copy which I can carry with me in my wallet and in my diary just it case I’m away from home)

Method #2 speed racer divx – Record the affirmation in my mp3 player (Repeatedly for 50 times) and play it when I go to bed till I fall asleep.

Method #3 – This is a piece of software developed by a friend of mine but I’m afraid that he hasn’t launched it yet. I’ll tell you more about it when it is launched. :)

Don’t worry about the software first. Focus on what you can do and not otherwise. With these powerful techniques, I’m sure that you can accelerate your goals to you, easily.

What other techniques that you use? Don’t be shy to share it/them with me.

If you have any question about the Law of Attraction

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download chemical wedding dvd , feel free to share it here too. I’ll be happy to help whenever and wherever I can. ;)

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    • Chandy

      Hi raymond
      your blog has really influenced my life in a positive way keep up the good work as you asked in this post about other method of programming our subconscious mind you should definitely check paraliminals go to the web site learning and also gain information about them from the net i highly recommend them cheers

      • raymond

        Hi Chandy,

        Thanks. I’m pleased to hear your positive comment. Feel free to spread the knowledge. Or spread my website. :)

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