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Life without Limbs

August 5, 2007 | 8 Comments

I hope you were inspired by the video about Nick in the last post. In case you haven"t watch it. Don"t worry as I have embedded the video in this post as well.

I was and am really inspired by Nick"s short video clip.

As we can see, even Nick was born without limbs, he still able to live in an independent normal life. Perhaps the biggest question in your mind is how he did that?

The simple answer will be because he believed in god. He has an extraordinary strong faith to god (or the universe, whatever you want to call it).

He takes this as a challenge in his life rather than a problem or excuse for him to live in a normal life. He knows exactly what he wanted. He wanted to live in a normal life like other people around him. He was clear of his goal. divx end of the line

When we are clear of our goals and have a very strong passion to achieve it, sure enough, we will keep on thinking or visualizing about it and feel good while we visualize it because it feels so real when we visualize it in the right way. royal scandal a download

Consciously or unconsciously, we are putting the Law of Attraction

into action and the Law of Attraction download hunchback of notre dame ii the free brings us closer and closer to our goals.

When we mix the visualization process with lots of faith or believe, it makes the process of attraction even stronger and faster download women the .

This video actually makes me think back of EK"s success story. If you have not read it, I highly recommend you to read it here and see how you can do the same. To watch EK"s video, use this link.

EK"s story is a perfect example to apply the Law of Attraction to attract whatever we want in our life. Enjoy the videos.

As usual, I welcome all your comments and opinions to this article. So, please feel free to post your comments in the comment column.

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    • Pingback: Anonymous

    • raymond

      Yeah, that really inspire me.

    • zaki blogjer

      It is amazing how he did everything by his own. I salute his determination.

    • raymond

      Hi Zaki,
      I second that.

    • Tammy

      Nick would be the first to tell you he has extreme faith in God (not a god or the universe!) but the one true God. And, he does not do anything by HIMSELF, but by the strength of God. When you hear this man speak, you are not saddened, you are JEALOUS! He has true inner joy, something completely healthy people never attain. Inner joy comes from God, not from our outer circumstance–that’s Nick’s message.

    • raymond

      Hi Tammy,

      Thank you for sharing your thought and welcome.

      You have a very unique perspective. Your words make me think deeper.


    • nonandi

      i fully agree with Tammy, i have myself heard Nick share the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and how he only finds his strenght in Christ. Nick is very open about the fact that He can do all things through Christ, but only through Christ and not the universe or the air…please people dont turn Jesus into some big Secret, there is no secret- the Secret is Jesus! that through Him all things are possible, like our brother Nick has displayed. Nick gives God all the glory, not some law of attraction.

    • raymond

      Hi Nonandi,

      I’m really sorry that I missed your comment.

      I’m glad to hear you say that you hear Brother Nick speaks personally.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experience. :)

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