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I chatted with a friend I through the internet last month. He happens to be one of my subscribers too and at some point of our conversation, we talked about the Law of Attraction.

I was seriously shock when he told me that like does not attract like. Not only he told me that but also gave me some examples to support his point, which I’ll share with you in a moment.

Here’s what he said to me:

If you give A, you’ll get B. If you give B, you will get C or maybe D.

If you want to get back A, find the right match, but it won’t be A. liar liar divx download

For example, money can not buy money.

All seeds seem the same but the fruit will be different.

They say; if you want time, give time. If you want money, give money. If you want love, give love. beverly hills chihuahua divx movie online

But I think it should be like:

Want money, give time

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Want love, give money

Want money, give love

Do you agree with that? That’s not all. He continued:

You put in labor, you get money.

You give money to exchange goods.

I give support, end up being used.

I give respect, end up being humiliated.

So, do you agree with what my friend said? Let’s keep your brain running and share your answer, thoughts and opinion below. I am ready to hear what you want to say.

Begin to doubt of the Law of Attraction? Let’s see :). I’ll share my point of view here london to brighton divx

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    • Gehad

      Well , I when you give something you when you most confidant that it’s sincere and honest , you will get the same in return , but in your friend’s example he’s being a bet materialistic I think !

      But , if you say that ; give love (( truly and sincerely)) , you will get love in return , however , your intention might trick you in that case you will get something else.

      And I just want to comment on the below quoting him:
      “I give support, end up being used”.

      If he thinks and believes deep inside him that the out comes of giving support is being used !!! well , I think that’s what he will get . cause I think that the law of attraction is about believing deeply in the out comes of what to attract and also the intention plays a very important role in determining the out comes.
      Finally , I think that the problem lays in your friend judgment .

      Gehad .S. Hamed

    • Attraction Guy

      I don’t agree to what he said.

      What he is saying is quite unrelated. He is trying to say trading and not ‘giving and receiving’. Both are different things.

      1. Money can’t buy money. It’s true because that’s trading. But if you give money by investing or spending money to create better service for others, you’ll get more money in return.

      2. About this
      “Want money, give time
      Want love, give money
      Want money, give love”

      That’s why people won’t be rich because trading time for money. Give money for more love and give love for money, I think it don’t make any sense at all. If he can proof that buy waving money and ask woman to love him from heart, I might consider what he say is true.

      3. Putting in labor didn’t get him more money but more labor to put in because he will get used to such way of making money and might continue using labor. So, he get to put in more labor when he put in labor.

      4. About
      “I give support, end up being used.
      I give respect, end up being humiliated.”

      These will happen because when you give and not trade, return is always uncertain. When you trade, there’s an agreement to get something in return. But when you support or respect, there’s no agreement that they got to accept and like you.

      Being a giver and contributor is not easy, but it’s something fulfilling to do. It makes a difference to others and ourselves!

    • raymond

      Hi Gehad,

      Fantastic! Thanks for sharing your comment. Law of Attraction works.

      I’ll share my opinion in the coming post. :)

    • raymond

      HI Attraction Guy,

      Thanks for sharing your perspective here. How true is that.

      It obeys the Law of Cause and Effect.

    • Martin Welch

      I agree with some of his examples but I disagree with this, “Want love, give money”. Money can’t buy love! Thanks for sharing about this topic. :)

    • raymond

      Hi Martin,

      Thanks for sharing that. Love is earned not bought. :)

    • Dining Room Tables

      The original saying was “Opposites attract” based on the principle of the magnet where, only the opposites will attract the same poles will not.
      Both statements can be right depending on the context. One has to be open minded about it that is all.

    • raymond

      Hi Dining Room Tables,

      Yeah, the key is depending on the concept.

      I have posted my explanation today. :)

    • Anna

      I disagree.

      Can money buy money? I think so.

      Why do people invest in businesses? It’s to make money. They put in money to start with to make even more money.

      Just a thought. :)

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    • raymond

      Hi Anna,

      That’s very nice but some business do not require money to get started.

      It started with only an idea instead.

      Beggars do not need money to make money.

      What do you think?

    • –Deb

      If you’re talking about trade, well, true. Money doesn’t buy money–except at a bank. But as I understand it, the Law of Attraction isn’t about trading one thing for another, it’s for causing things to come your way. If you’re focusing on spending money, you’re not open to love. If you’re focusing on love, you’re not thinking about making money, and so on. I think that part of what makes the Law of Attraction work is that, by focusing on something you want, you’re opening yourself up to the possibility of it–and to the likelihoo of knowing it when you see it. It’s not about going to the grocery store and exchanging money for milk. It’s about spotting the privately-owned dairy that makes its own cheese that you’ve driven past hundreds of times but see NOW because you’re finally thinking about MILK.

    • raymond

      Good point, Deb.

      The Law of Attraction is not about trading.

      Wait a minute …

      How about trading our thoughts, emotion and believe for the result of the manifestation?


    • David Rogers

      When I first heard of the law of attraction about a year ago, I thought it total nonsense. I am a great believer in positive thinking, but refused to grasp the idea of any “external” influence – that our thoughts can affect others. I gave up with “the Secret” in laughter after about 30 minutes.
      The change for me has come from a book that suggests and gives sounder evidence that we can influence externally through our thinking. I can go that far and in many ways its little different to how I saw “positive thinking” before. But, unfortunately in my opinion, the LoA has attracted and its share of wacky proponents.
      This post isn’t by me but its Arthur talking through me…..

    • raymond

      HI David,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and beliefs.

      As for myself, the LOA has amazed me time and time again and sometimes, I just can’t believe how powerful it is.

    • Brian

      Yes, your friend is just quoting the memes of society

    • raymond


      Perhaps, Brian.

      Who knows. ;)

    • tosin

      i dont quite agree with what your friend said.i think its all a matter of personal conception drawn from believes and expectations.

    • raymond

      Hi Tosin,

      Thank you for your comment.

      I shared my point of view here:

    • Renee’

      I try to truly change the old way of believing
      because the universe is truly aware of all we feel think say pray and do The universe is the creators eyes and ears.As a child I never was taught this,I believe I would be more in tune and life would flow eaiser if I had only been raised with this knowledge.Thank you Raymond.

    • raymond

      Hi Renee,

      Everything happens for at least a reason.

      You’re welcome. :)

    • décor mirrors

      I totally disagree about buying love. Love can’t be bought.

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