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I have a quite serious problem with my blog last few days. Every page on my blog is inaccessible (404ed). I would like to apologize if you have come here unable to navigate through this blog.

I was shocked. I know that I have to do something but … what thing? I"m not a techie guy, you see.

The problem is that I don"t know the cause and without knowing the cause of the problem, I can"t solve it.

Frankly, I was a little frustrated for a moment as I was totally lost. However, I manage to switch my emotion in split of a second. Since I don"t really know what the cause of the problem is. There"s no point for me to get upset since I can do nothing about it.

It was really late by the time I realized the problem. So, I just leave it for tomorrow. This is the time I anticipate for because bed time means hypnosis time for me.

So, I decide to give it a try. I learned about Lucid Dream few days back and I found the information I read is really interesting. I learned how to program our dream (which means you can tell your subconscious mind what you want to dream tonight and it will happen) and how to use our dreams or subconscious mind to solve problem for us while we sleep.

How good is that? I thought that is very very interesting.

So, that night, I played the Lucid Dream hypnosis audio when I go to bed. The music and the voice really help me a lot in focusing on the problem I want to solve in my dreams or in my sleep.

I feel asleep as I listen to the soothing music and hypnotic voice that led me to focus on the problem I want to solve.

In the next morning, I told myself that the technical problem is going to be solved. Sure enough, I solve the whole problem before afternoon. This is really great! I attract the solution while I"m sleeping.

Actually, I did post the question to my coaching club"s forum. Thankfully that I managed to solve the problem before anybody answered to my post.

Again, this is amazing! Actually I had a dream that night but I don"t think I wanna mix it in this post. Maybe next time. Note that, I say, “MAYBE” :)

Stay tune!

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    • linn

      Yup..lucid dream really works

    • raymond

      Hi Linn,

      Yes! It works beautifully.

      I set a problem in my head before I go to sleep last night. But too bad … I fell asleep before I can get myself focus. Too tired. :P

      I’ll try again tonight before I get exhausted. :)

      It gotta be fun!

    • Dik Mal

      it gotta be fun for sure..

      i love to try it later.. :)

    • raymond

      Hi Dik Mal,

      Remember to share your result with us. :)

      I have send out the download link for Mind Surge and Subjective Communication ebooks to all my subscribers.

      If you are of of my subscribers, check your email. :)

    • Promotional Dude

      I tried it last night and no luck. However I often can not remeber my dreams either. I was thinking it might help me direct my dreams even if I can’t remeber them. I will keep trying and post back if I have success.

    • raymond

      Hi Promotional Dude,

      First of all, thank you for your comment. :)

      Statistically speaking, we can only remember our dreams for the first 7 seconds after we wake up. Then, we’ll forget about it.

      The good news is, we can program our subconscious mind to remember the dream.

      Previously, I can’t remember my dreams too. But with some mental programming, I am able to remember my dream even after I wake up.

      In addition, I have a pen and a paper beside my bed for me to jot down my dream. (Just in case I forget it.)

      May I know what method do you use. I mean the steps. Perhaps I can help to point out the mistake. :)

      Thank you for dropping by and I’m looking forward for more comments from you. :)

    • Marie

      I definitely believe in Lucid Dreaming – it’s one of my favorite things, though it takes a lot of work and concentration, but you can do it and get better at it.

    • raymond

      Hi Marie,

      Wow! I attract another Lucid Dream believer today. :)

      Yeah, it may take longer time to concentrate at the beginning but when we used to it, it’ll be as easy as breathing. ;)

      Thanks for your comment, Marie. I love it!

    • Promotional Dude

      Thanks for your reply Raymond. I don’t really have a method. I think I need to spend some more time reading your posts. I have read some, but I am going to go through the dreams category and try some of your suggestions. I will start by putting a pad and pen on the nightstand and try to write as soon as I wakeup.

    • raymond

      Hi Promotional Dude,

      Putting a pen and a piece of paper is a great step. It tells your brain that you are serious about remembering your dream. Thus, it helps you to remember it consciously.

      Hope that helps. :)


      Lucid Dreaming is nice. It takes a lot of pressure from you. You can remember your dream and concentrate to control it. Lucid dreaming is really fun

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