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We have learned about lucid dream a couple of days ago and today, I’m going to show you a short video about lucid dream. I hope you enjoy it.

Note the benefits of lucid dreaming at the end of the video.

Have some thoughts? Share it!

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    • Dining Room Tables

      Raymond, I believe that dreaming is a mechanism nature has provided us with a purpose. To keep our body, mind and intellect in harmony with each other. I believe that it is a natural process and we can cause harm to ourselves if we tamper with any natural process. The video is informative but I regret that it does not motivate me to try lucid dreaming. If it happens, it happens, if it does not, it does not. QED!

    • raymond

      Hi Dining Room Tables,

      I view it (dreams) as a channel to deliver messages from the divine.

      Perhaps this is not the “time” for you to start lucid dream yet. ;)

      When it’s time, you’ll feel the urge.

    • Dining Room Tables


    • raymond


    • Abundance Secrets

      Have you done the 3-2-1 Shadow process with all the characters in your dreams?

      Once you do this once or twice, your subconscious mind starts to understand that you ARE paying attention to your dreams and recall and lucidity while dreaming become exponentially easier.

    • raymond

      Hi Abundance Secrets,

      I haven’t heard of that. Mind to share more? :)

    • Abundance Secrets

      Hey Raymond,

      Basically you take a 3rd person perspective of the dream characters. As if you were telling the dream to someone else.

      Then you take a 2nd person perspective of the dream, in which you have a conversation with each character.

      And you play the role of the dream character, simply “making up” what the dream character would say.

      Finally, you take a 1st person attitude of the dream character, where you BECOME the dream character in relationship to the rest of the dream.

      Since dreams are indeed “messages” from one’s own subconscious and higher self, every character in the dream is a “part” of one’s own psyche.

      The classic example would be the “big evil monster” that chases us in our dreams.

      3rd person – A big monster is chasing me.

      2nd person – “who are you monster and why are you chasing me?”, you ask.
      The monster responds, “I am your fear of (blank).”
      etc, etc

      1st person – “I am the monster. I am scary. I am ugly. Raymond is scared of me, but in fact, i’m just an aspect of Raymond that he doesn’t like. Deep down inside, I just want Raymond to love me and accept me”

    • raymond

      Hi Abundance Secret,

      This is interesting. Thank you for sharing it in such a great detail. :)

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