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This post is a continuation of yesterday"s post.

If you missed yesterday"s post, you can read it here:

What National Treasure Movie Taught Me About Achieving My Goals

download deuce bigalow european gigolo dvd Yesterday, I said that the WHY is so much more important than the how and if we know the HOW and once we have the clear WHY, the HOW will show up by itself.

A lot of people ask me how the HOW download not another teen movie movie shows up?

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They mean, how do you know how you are going to do something which you don"t know?

I guess this question has kept many people in confusion.

The answer lies in your desire and intention. The how shows up in many forms. It could be appearing in our dream (through lucid dreaming), hunches and ideas.

It could be you meet a person who teach you something or give you the opportunity.

I could be you overhear somebody"s conversation and the light bulb turns on.

The WHYs give you the intention and emotion to get something. It is the intention and the emotions that attract the how to you and help you to identify them. That"s the Law of Attraction.

Without the strong intention and desire, you will not be able to identify the HOW omen the download even they are around you.

This is not just a plain theory because I experience it myself not one time, not twice but many times since I was young.

there will be blood online I find myself getting or learning whatever I want when I have a strong intention to it. I do not have to learn it formally but unconsciously. It began with nothing but a strong desire and intention.

Here"s a story I would recommend you to read. See how my friend attract a talent with nothing to begin with.

Attract a talent with the Law of Attraction

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Have you had such a magical experience? If you don"t have, what"s your major problem when it comes to achieving your goals?

Come on, share with me, I"m all “eyes”. I"m waiting for your comments. :)

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    • Jessica

      Great tips! Thanks for providing information on how to materialize the goals using law of attraction.


    • Solicitor

      Very useful information. Thanks

    • Rina

      I can really relate to this. It seems that I’ve been looking for ways to do business online for ages. I didn’t know where to start and would search the web for answers endlessly. I would always daydream about having an online business. I’m not a technical person so I had little idea on how to go about it. Surprisingly, after putting the law of attraction to work, now not only do I have a business online (and my own dotcom website), I found myself a terrific mentor too (I must clarify that the mentor came first before the business):) It’s great!!

    • raymond

      Hi Solicitor,

      You’re most welcome. :)

    • raymond

      Hi Rina,

      That sounds great especially when you attract it with the Law of Attraction.

      I wish you all the best in your business. :)

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