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Hi my fellow attractors,

Actually, I have something else to share with you today. But because I saw this video yesterday, I can"t wait to share it with you here.

This is amazing and I"m sure that it will amaze you too.

Enjoy this video.

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Amazing isn"t it?

Need to express your amazement? Share it with us over the comment section.

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    • Rose

      Hi Raymond,
      Thanks for sharing it’s really amazing. I watched closely how he did it. I guess he might use association, peg lists or phonetic alphabet or did I heard he mentioned phonetic codes. Amazing isn’t it, nothing can beat the mind. Everybody can do it provided you train memory better still start when you’re young. I really enjoy this video wish I were there you need to be humourous esp when come to Mathematics. The problem of remembering numbers, probably the most difficult of all memory chores. But you can do it! Just see how he can know the day of your date of birth. He using imagination and association. Hey, your better train your students when they young as kids have wonderful imagination and beyond.
      Okay, that’s all my comment thank you so much again for sharing. Again it all about train memory. You can do it! YES!.

    • raymond

      HI Rose,

      That is indeed a great video.

      He is entertaining too. I believe that he must have some secret formula to count all this. At the same time, he got a great mental arithmetic skill too. :)

    • Tanady

      Aha… i see.. this is the post that TAN MIN CHUN is copying.. Interesting! ^_^


    • Kerri in Brisbane

      Hi Raymond

      Wow, thanks impressive. I love how he shows how he does this. Ooh, I wonder if this is related to the really cool brain training Don Tolman teaches.

      Wonder what his day job is…?

    • Michelle Frost

      WOW.. That was amazing :-)

      Thanks for sharing, Raymond..

      I’ve seen some fabulous stuff from Ted Talks..


    • raymond

      Hi Cornel,

      It proves that he likes my blog very much.

      He’s a scammer and spammer.

    • raymond

      Hi Kerri,

      I love to see you here. :)

      His show is pretty amazing.

      I’m not sure who Don Tolman is but I will check it out. ;)

      His day job could be Mathematician, entertainer, doing shows on tv … etc. :)

      Well, that’s just my guess.

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