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Meaning of Angry

August 11, 2010 | 71 Comments

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EQ stands for Emotional Quotient that means the ability of a person to control his or her emotions. The higher your EQ, the better you are at controlling your emotions.

Now, the question is, how to increase your EQ? Let me bring you a story. There’s a woman who finds it hard to control her emotion and she gets angry easily even thought sometimes she knows that it’s really her fault.

So, she went to a temple to find an old monk to talk about her problem. Without saying a word, the monk locked her up in a small room. The woman was very angry and scolded the monk, “Hey you dirty monk! How can you do like this to me? You’d better let me know.”

She scolded, barked and screamed for a long time but the monk just ignored her.

Then the woman changed her attitude. She used the begging method. She begged the monk to let her go but the monk just pretend not to hear her.

After a long while, the woman calmed down. Then the monk came to ask the woman.

“Are you angry?”

“Yes! I am angry of myself. Why I am so stupid to come and ask for suffering here?” cried the woman

The monk shook his head and replied, “The people who can’t forgive themselves can not find their happiness.”

After a while, the woman sighed and said, “I’m not angry anymore because it doesn’t worth it.”

Again, the old monk gave his witty reply.

“Still considering whether it worth it or not means that you have not let go the anger.”

The sky is now getting darker and the temple become quieter. Only the sound of insects can be heard.

This woman slowly immersed herself in the calmness of the temple. The old monk appeared and before he had a chance to spit out a word, the woman asked him.

“Would you please tell me the meaning of angry, master?”

“It means punishing yourself for other people’s mistakes” replied the master happily.

Do you learn something from this story?

Do you feel stress and angry often?

Do you see how these negative emotions are related to the Law of Attraction?

Look, it is extremely important for you to eliminate or at least reduce these negative emotions before you can leverage on the power of the Law of Attraction.

Here’s the good news for you. Head over to and download the 4 symphonies of stress for FREE.

In this jam-packed ebook you will learn about:

  • The silent killer within your body.
  • The number one cause of disease.
  • The 7 culprits
  • The war in your body
  • The art of retreat
  • Simple actions that make you smile and laugh again
  • Learning the lighter side of your life
  • and many more …

The next step is to read it immediately and see how it changes your life. You’ll never solve the problem until you understand the root of the problem.

Remember to read it and feel free to share it with your friends, family and your love ones.

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      Wow, i luv your definition.

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      Stress and anger are health destroyer. I m agree with this.

    • dugun fotografcisi

      I love the way people create there own problems and just can’t see what is happening to them. When it comes to anger I always try to find the humor first.

    • onlinefx

      Thanks for sharing this blog.I clear understand that which you want to say about the meaning of angry.

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      Thanks for this information and keep up the good work in this website. Cheers!

    • NewLaunch.Com.Sg

      Like they said, there’s few billion people in this world.. don’t let that 1 person spoil your day. Let go and we live happily after.

      • Raymond CHua

        I agree with you.

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