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Here"s an invitation email I received from Stephen Pierce few days ago which I think will greatly benefit all of you folks.

Here"s the email:

Hurry – You Have Just One Day To Transform Your Life And Enjoy More Success Than You Ever Imagined…

Dear Raymond,

If you have ever failed to achieve a goal you have set yourself and… you want to know the secrets to attaining fulfilment and success in everything you do in your life, then this will be the most exciting letter you will ever read.

Here’s why:

Everyone in the world, including you, has consistently failed to achieve goals and targets they have set themselves.

Perhaps you set yourself a high sales target and failed to reach it?

Maybe you resolved to goto the gym and stopped attending after a few weeks?

You vowed to patch things up with the other half… but it always turns into a row?


We all have our stories of failure to tell. But I want you to ask yourself this:

Why did you fail to achieve that goal?

Maybe you didn"t have enough time?

Not enough money?

Didn"t have the technology?


We all cite reasons such as these. We didn’t have this. Not enough of that…

What if you could learn that these lack of resources are NOT the obstacles to achieving your goals?

The fact is that most people lack the mindset or the understanding of what drives people to make decisions and achieve success in every aspect of life. Or why they don’t.

Imagine attending a one day seminar in which you could learn how to use what you already have right now to achieve any goal you are capable of conceiving. Imagine sitting down and learning from some of the world"s most successful life coaches how to achieve success and fulfilment in your life. Imagine never again having to worry about not being able to achieve what you set your mind to.

Anything you can conceive, you can achieve. You can and do turn your dreams into reality.


That would be a powerful ability, would it not?


Put this date in your diary – September 4th, 2007. This Tuesday in September will be the day when you learn to discover, harness and unleash the ULTIMATE POWER that lies within your heart. You will unlock this power with the guidance of three of the greatest success coaches of our time.


Anthony Robbins.

Stephen Pierce.

Allan Pease.


These men are world-famous for devoting their lives to changing the lives of others. Guiding people to realise their true potential and then apply it to every aspect of their lives. Inspiring people to use their limited resources to be the best they can be. Motivating people to perform in ways they never thought possible.

For the first time, these three men will share the same stage in an exclusive one-day event coming to Singapore Expo on September 4th 2007.

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ULTIMATE POWER “LIVE” with Anthony Robbins. 

You will NEVER find such raw yet powerful material jam-packed into one day anywhere else.

Rarely will you be offered the opportunity to learn tremendous secrets and strategies to put you on the path to success.

Never again will you have the chance to see these three successful men devote their time to improving your life whilst sharing the same stage.


If you are committed to achieving an extraordinary quality of life…

If you are passionate about being all that you can be…

If you want to shape your future rather than react to what"s happening around you…

If you are determined to make a profound and positive improvement to every aspect of your life…

…then reserve your seat NOW to this once-in-a-lifetime event. This has the power to be a turning point in your life.


Tony Robbins professes that “Decision is the ultimate power”. Make the decision to attend this conference. The material and benefits will be driving you to success, achievement and fulfilment for the rest of your life.


Click HERE

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for more information and register.

Are you ready to take charge of your own life?

Raymond Chua signature

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    • MorganLighter

      Raymond – How awesome for you to get to see three of the greatest motivators of all time. I met Tony Robbins years ago, about 20 years ago, at one of his seminars. And Steven Pierce, recently had a fund raiser for children which was wonderfully received. Allan Pease,,what can you say. Have a most fabulous time. You’ll come out a changed person – all for the better!

    • Tom Paine

      This stuff gives the real information one needs. One can feel like reaching the destination.

    • raymond

      Hi MorganLighter,

      I’m glad that you have met them all too.

      I’m looking forward to meet you there (if you attend the seminar)

      I am looking forward for my next transformation there.

      P.S. I hope you’ve helped Stephen in the fund raising. :)

      You are great! :)

    • raymond

      Hi Tom,

      Not only we can feel it, but also can achieve it with the right guidance from them.

      Are you ready to charge? :)

      I am!

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