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I want to take this opportunity to wish you a merry merry Christmas and of course a very very happy New Year.

Here are some Christmas videos which I’d love to share with you.

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    • Stress Management Sydney

      I think we in America could use some change, but Merry Christmas is kind of what we’re use to.

    • Acupuncture Tampa

      Merry Christmas and very happy New Year. Nice videos.

    • Liposuction Sarasota

      Really lovely and funny videos, like it…
      Happy New Year !!!, i\’ll Pray to god you get more success in New Year..

    • used tires

      Merry Christmas and happy new year to you as well my friend! Great videos you’ve chosen to share =D

      Till then,


    • Waterfront Real estate

      Happy New Year.!.
      both are funny video like it.. here second truly awesome funny video.

    • used bulldozers

      I think that Randolph could be a real competition for Rudolf :) And has very nice nose too.

    • Laptop Briefcases

      I saw that punjabi Christmas carol before. It’s frickin hilarious. I’ll have to watch the other ones when I get home and have access to computer speakers. Merry Christmas everyone!

      • raymond

        Hi Jeremy,

        That’s fun, right? LOL

    • Laptop Briefcases

      Yes I actually played that one for my family on Christmas Eve as we were sitting around listening to Christmas carols. They sure weren’t expecting a punjabi Christmas.

      • raymond

        Something new for the Christmas. :)

    • Payroll Outsourcing

      * Happy New Year * Lovely videos specially that punjabi dancing.

    • Becca Redfield

      the man is so funny. this thing is cool…. i wonder where i can find many of these without browsing many results from youtube… hahahaha

    • Tabatha Hayes

      what can i say? this man may be funny but his thoughts does makes sense. you would surely agree to that. what he is singing here are definitely true.

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